What MK restaurant?


I’m in the planning stage for my next years Jan trip to WDW. We have been once before and ate at The Crystal Palace (very good) and Liberty Tree -also very good.
We want to try different places this time but I don’t think we’ll eat at the castle. We have the dining plan and will probably use 2 sit downs for the Hoop Dee Doo so where in MK besides the Castle,Crystal palace and Liberty would you recommend?

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I don’t think it’s the best use of the dining plan but the Plaza Restaurant is very good. The atmosphere is nice and the service is excellent. The menu is pretty basic but it’s a nice change from a burger and fries. If you’re using 2 credits at HDD then this is a cheap sit down restaurant to pay out of pocket.

What about taking the monorail over to the Poly and going to 'Ohana?


Yes, I like the Plaza. We totally forgot about making ADR’s for MK last year, so we really had slim choices for lunch, and we were able to get a table within 15 minutes.

I had a tuna crossaint, and it wasn’t horrible, but it was OK.

MK needs some new dining choices, maybe an asian restaurant with a Mulan character meal.


for CS Caseys corner yum hot dogs


How about Tony’s Town Square on Main Street. We had lunch there and it was good.


I was going to say The Plaza Restaurant, simply because DisneyTeacher RAVES about it! And the menu looks pretty good! :happy:


I know go on about it a lot but I just love the atmosphere, it’s so charming. And the food is such a nice change from big heavy meals and fast food.


First, Tony’s was decent, worth a try. Not terrific, but decent!!! Second, where is The Plaza Restaurant? Is that on Main Street by the ice cream shop?

Also, you could always hop on the monorail and do the Grand Floridian or Contemporary as well!


I have an ADR for Tony’s in December. I’ve never been there before! And on the few days at the end of my trip when I don’t have the meal plan, we might have to try The Plaza. :happy:

P.S. YES, it’s right at the end of Main Street next to the Ice Cream Shop! I never even noticed it, until Disney Teacher showed me pics and described where it was!


I like to exit MK…take the monorail over to the Poly, and have a nice quiet sit down lunch over at Kona Cafe…they have great food…and it is a nice place for all of us to recharge our batteries midway through a long day in the parks…

That being said… food at CRT is okay…not fantastic…and I don’t think the theming in there is all that it should be… Crystal Palace is okay… I’m not really into the sit-down restaurants inside MK…


Do Tony’s!! WE love it there! Try to sit outside, it’s so NICE! :c)


Thanks for all the info. Is Tony’s or the Plaza on the dining plan? And are they sit down restaurants or more counter service? Yes, we may decide to take the mono to another resort because we didn’t go to any last time. Again thanks for the info.

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Tony’s is on the dining plan. I have to agree with Nokey, it was just OK-nothing worth a postcard home.

I too, have never seen or been to the Plaza, not sure if it’s TS or CS credit. Maybe we’ll have to try it in December also.


The Plaza Restaurant is also a sit down restaurant but it’s the prices are pretty low so it’s not the best way to use the dining plan but if you’re looking for a meal to pay out of pocket for it’s this one.

Here’s the menu:
Plaza Restaurant Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World