What month will your next trip be taken?


Just curious as to which month is popular.


January 09 for us


I still haven’t booked but I am hoping for September 2009


We are going again in June, my niece will be dancing @ WDW! So, we are all excited about it this. We will Probably stay @ CBR.


SSR for 7 nights in Dec for me :heart:


The poll is "What is the “next” month. We’re going this week, so I voted October. Our “next” month is December, 2008.


We are going Thanksgiving week and then again in June 2009 for DD to dance.


Sadly there is no “Not Sure” option so I can’t vote in this poll. SAD! :crying:


January '09


We are leaving in 10 days. So I voted for October 2008 also.


Depending on gas prices, we might go up for our birthdays. That $75 dollar gift card offsets some of the expense of driving up. So that would be April and June.


We are hoping to go for Easter. I have heard real horror stories for that time of year though. I am wondering would it be worth it to go in April for Easter or should i just wait until August. My kids are getting older and I can’t take them out of school. What do you think?


I voted twice seeing as we’re heading to the world Dec 2-10, 2008 and we’re taking our first land/sea cruise in Dec 2009. :tinytree:


January 09 for us!! Then December 09 for the next trip!!!


I think we’re there at the same time. (arrive 1/20) Since I don’t have a countdown timer, I’ll just watch yours.


we’ll be there the end of may, 1st week of june! can’t come soon enough for me though!!


24 October 08. Can’t wait. Then again in Feb 09. I might try to get down in Dec 08 to see the castle lights. THat would be a big hit with my wife.


SSR December 1st thru the 8th 2008. Can’t wait!!


POFQ for 7 nights…Dec.12-19!! :o)


You don’t have an option for tomorrow…and the next day…and the next day…and the next day…