What night is rib night at Boma?


I have decided that we WILL try Boma on our next trip. I will not chicken out. I do want to go on rib night as my sister loves ribs and she is the picky eater. So what night would that be?


I am pretty sure it’s WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY.

Congrats on your decision! Boma is AWESOME!!!


It is wed and sat. Try the potatoe salad and pasta salad, and be sure to read the descriptions that way you can avoid things that you do not like. I am not a big fan of curry so I stay away from the things with curry in it, but at Boma there is so much food you have lots of choices. I love Boma.


Even the picky eaters, a.k.a. my people, will love it there. Ribs or no ribs, their soups and deserts are out of this world :wink:


Dont know about rib night but Boma is superb, only been once ourselves but will definitely be making a return trip.


That would be ME, too! And I absolutely LOVED it. It is on the MUST DO list for us in November.


Thanks y’all! Wednesday or Saturday it will be!


YOu won’t be sorry! Everyone goes CRAZY over the Zebra Domes dessert. They weren’t my cup of tea (yes, I’m a communist :ph34r: ) but most people LOVE them! They had other desserts I enjoyed, though…MANY other desserts.

When can I make my ADRs? MAY!!! :glare:


I know your question was already answered–I just wanted to say hi Melinda!!


Don’t chicken out Willbe!! It’s really great. If you need me to go and hold your head while you eat there to get you through it I would be more than happy to be your Boma cheerleader! All it requires is transportation to and from WDW, tickets and somewhere to sleep. I’ll even watch Aiden and Emilie for you! Deal? :laugh:


LOL Definately go on Rib night I love those ribs yum yum