What Now..Need Ideas for March Trip


Ok, when I booked this trip last year my husband was going to be with us for all of the trip, well now he isnt - because of his job. I need some ideas on what to do (not at a major themepark - we are doing that with DH) that I can easily manage a 13, 10, 6 and 4 yr old alone. *** Please Help*** My DH will be there with us on 3/13-3/16 and 3/22-23, but I will have to keep the kids entertained for 4 days with just me, and I don’t want to spend all of the time at the resort. So, please HELP!!!


Disney Quest, Putt Putt, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Mouse boats, Dinner Show, Petting Zoo at Fort Wilderness, Bike Rental at FW, resort hopping, DTD has tons of stores, sweet shops, etc. Just a few suggestions.


What Daisee said. I know you don’t want to hang out at the resort too much, but the pools as so great to keep the kids busy and they have pool bars there.:wink:
Did you know that?


Yeah, what she said!


What she said, too! I like this idea A LOT! :cool: :laugh:


Disney Quest might be too much for one parent to keep an eye on that many kids. Once they wander off, it can almost take an act of God to find someone in there. Remember, we’re talking several floors of video games here. I guess you could let the 13 year old roam and perhaps the 10 year old, but you’re going to have to have a solid time and place to meet back up.


You could also take a side trip out to Kennedy Space Center for the whole day and keep all the kids close by during the tours.


I like this idea immensely, lol :laugh:

Daisee’s ideas are great as well. Although Disneyquest may be a little hard to keep track of all the kids. Mini golf would be fun and I hear Disney’s courses are amazing!!


Pool and resorts during the day and then 2 to one of the kids camp one night and the other two the next? Giving you time with each of the kids?

I wouldn’t want to be trying to keep up with four kids by myself in any of the parks!


Amen to that! These are some great ideas! I think the putt, putt, dinner shows, and Pools definately fit my temperment. How long does it take to get to Kennedy Space Shuttle? Do they have anything interactive? DisneyQuest - went there with my husband and it was hard to keep up with him and the 2 little ones that that “I” was responsible for, since he took the older ones onto there adventures! Which dinner show would you recommend? How is the Pirates?


shopping at DTD for the day … Resort hopping … are two ideas I can think of

Out let shopping …