What park is in need of the most help?


Which park do you think needs the most attention? Here is the reasoning behind each park.

Magic Kingdom- HM, Splash, Space, Jungle Cruise, Snow White, TTA, CoP, and Peter Pan are all in need of major rehabs. The last new ride (Stitch) was considered a failure and the MK hasn’t recieved an E-ticket in nearly 15 years. On the other hand, IASW just recieved an amazing rehab and PotC is recieving some TLC.

Disney Studios- This park is just running a little low on attractions. LMA was installed last year and is considered a success, however, a new ride hasn’t been built at the Studios in years. Some rumored new additions include CineMagic, Indiana Jones Adventure, The Great Muppet Movie Ride, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., and a new parade. This park is in need of some family rides.

Epcot- Spaceship Earth is in desperate need of a rehab. WoL is closed for good (Body Wars was just taken out of the building) and Universe of Energy could use a lengthy rehab. The World Showcase hasn’t recieve a new country in a while. The Living Seas is currently being refurbished and a new Finding Nemo dark ride is being installed. Rumors have pointed to WoL being demolished, a water ride in Canada, a rehab of El Rio del Tiempo, a new country, and a new nighttime spectacular.

Animal Kingdom- This park is very low on attractions. However, with Everest opening in April this park could finally get the attendance bump it has needed. The Theater in the Wild is being rebuilt to be the home to a Finding Nemo show and Asia will recieve a sit-down restaurant next year. However, this park is still not yet a full day park. Rumored new additions include Beastly Kingdom, Australia, a Jungle Book dark ride, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Sinbad’s Seven Voyages, and a nighttime water show.


I voted for MGM. Here’s why. I think they are in the worst need of some new attractions. Sure, LMA is great, but it’s not something you can do 3 or 4 times in a day like you can a regular “ride” attraction. The Backstage Tour is VERY dated and is pretty much a waste of time. The Indy Stunt show is still mildly entertaining, but I only see it every other trip or so. The main attractions here are ToT and RnRC. Granted, they are both GREAT and make the trip to MGM worth it, but since they are the 2 best attractions at MGM, and they are right next to each other, that end of the park is VERY crowded. Throw in Fantasmic right there in the evenings and it’s darn near impossible to walk back there in the evenings sometimes. A new E-Ticket ride or two on the other side of the park might help to eleviate some of that traffic.

MK - Granted, they haven’t received any E-Ticket attractions in a long time, but they DO have soooooo many attractions over there. There’s never a shortage of attractions to see.

Epcot - I think Epcot could use some work. Definitely SE (only rehab, no changes) could use some work, but they do have a lot going good over there. TT is fairly new, M:S is new and GREAT, and they just got Soarin too. The new and improved LS with Nemo and Turtle Talk is pretty cool too…

AK - AK could definitely use a few more attractions, but EE really puts AK on the map. I’d put some other stuff over there, but I don’t think it’s an emergency, not yet at least…


I have to say EPCOT as beautiful and special as this park is. With one of the pavilions (Wonders of Life) totally gone and Living Seas rehab less than spectacular (we’ll see what happens with the new Nemo ride), and World Showcase crying out for a new country pavilion, as well as other attractions badly needing rehabs, I really think that this park needs some sprucing up. Of course it did get Soarin’ one of the most successful of the new imports IMHO, but an original attraction would be great as well


I voted Epcot though I can easily put MGM on the level if not slightly ahead. Niether park feels like it really has enough personally.


I think MGM would be good with some sort of incredibles/toy story/other pixar ride as well as the iniana jones ride from DL… Epcot could use some rehabing all over… A water ride in Canada would be great… or something that explores the great west… Magic Kingdom needs a new E-ticket ride for sure, and Animal Kingdom needs a few more attractions… LOL in the end i cant make up my mind… they are all great but none are yet perfect as new technology and ideas are always emerging… my vote goes with whatever the imagineers decide since theyre really good at their jobs!!!


I don’t have any suggestions, but just wanted to say thanks for starting a great topic! I’m love love loving reading all the responses! :wub:


I went with Epcot also.
And with Epcots anniversary in the near future, it probally will get some attention soon.


I voted EPCOT. It’s my absolute FAVORITE park but I have been really frustrated with it lately. If EPCOT is suppose to be the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” I think personally it needs to stay on top of things, more so than any other park. Even though efforts have been made in recent years to improve Future World, I honestly don’t feel it reflects it’s name.

The “Wonders of Life” pavillion has been wasting space for TOO long, most visitors are getting bored of Universe of Energy (even though I love it to death), SE needs an overhaul, Honey I Shrunk the Audience is way outdated, they need to put another moving ride into the “Living Seas” area, and they need to update “Living With the Land” to reflect more current horticultural efforts all over the world.

Did I mention how much I LOVE EPCOT :heart:
hehe, sorry.


It’s very interesting reading all these comments - I think I agree with everything that’s been written. It’s a hard choice, but because Epcot is my favourite park, I would like to see some work done there. I think Wish made very good points. I wish there was some way they could expand the size of Fantasyland. It gets crowded to the point of insanity!


I voted MGM. Simply because it never has grabbed my attention, and doesn’t, for me, have the same “Disney” feeling as the other parks.


I agree with you that MGM needs some help, but I personally feel that MGM does have some real Disney magic. I also agree with you that if the Disney Studios built a new E-ticket ride and possibly some C or D-ticket rides, MGM would recieve some more attention than it does now. It just isn’t appreciated as much as it should be.


I’m saying MGM as well. Honestly, it really has never appealed to me. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m just not a fan.

Epcot does need some updating. I love World Showcase, but wouldn’t mind another country added on.

I’ve never been to AK, so I can’t say on that. But I’ve always heard mixed reviews.


MK. I really felt like Fantasyland looked very worn and not-so-magical. Disneyland’s Fantasyland is beautiful, MK’s looked faded and (dare I say it?) kind of cheap.


MGM needs the Indiana Jones ride from DL to replace the Indi Stunt show!!!


i went Epcot also. Because they need update in the spaceship earth, universe of energy and others in world showcase we also need to update the illumnations:reflections of earth to change the name to sky dancer:mickey:


I agree and disagree with you. Fantasyland is in need of some serious help and most of the rides need major rehabs. But there still is a lot of magic in Fantasyland. IASW looks so much better since the rehab and I believe that it is a sign of things to come. Something that would really help Fantasyland would be major rehabs of both Peter Pan and Snow White. Also, build a new dark ride or two in the 20K area. I would love to see a classic Beauty and the Beast dark ride and a Hercules dark ride/roller coaster E-ticket.


I voted for AK, just because it has always been my least favorite park (in fact we skipped it on our last trip and opted for a 2nd day at EPCOT). Maybe now with the addition of Everest that will change, but I guess I won’t know until I get there to experience it myself!


Epcot is definitely revamping all of Futureworld.
Note how 2 brand new rides came in. Why? To keep guests busy while updating and new attractions are being put in.
I do agree that Fantasyland needs to be updated also. New paint, new carousel… is the carousel even in Fantasyland? I’ve been oiling wood frames all day for my Tinkerbell mirror and I’m all wooo.


I voted for MGM for many of the reasons mentioned. I would love to see the IJ RIDE replace the IJ stunt show. They don’t NEED 2 stunt shows. Muppet 3D is very dated and the backlot tour is a waste of space. The great movie ride and star tours need to be updated.
Just MHO of course. :tongue:


I voted for MGM. We like it but there’s just nothing there that really grabs us and makes us want to go back over and over.