What REALLY happened at Disneyland with Voldemort and 6-2-6



Here’s the haps.

Voldemort had this wonderful idea of just using the super shuttle to get to the hotel, instead of my renting a car. It would save money! It would save time! Or so the monologue went… :glare:

So having obtained the vouchers, I am met at the Delta terminal at LAX, where we wait around for my luggage. Absolutely no comments whatsoever about my having wasted away to skin and bones… Honestly, people. Four months in the house without a cook! :eek: I’m emaciated, and naught a concern… :blink: We then proceed to the outside curb. Where we wait. And wait.

Having seen nothing about instructions, other than, “talk to our super shuttle representative”, who neither of us could see, I finally flagged down a super shuttle driver, who assisted us in finding our friendly super shuttle representative.

Ten minutes later, the Disneyland shuttle arrives, and we pile in. After a slight detour, we are dropped off in Anaheim… :cool:


Now, Voldemort had arranged her lodging way earlier than I, and, with the intention of having Pumouse make an appearance, left me with trying to find accomadations on priceline. I averaged $50.00 a night for five nights at the Hilton Anaheim. :cool:

So, unfortunately, they had me in five different rooms, one for each night! :eek: But management was able to consolidate them into one room. So, having checked in, I headed up to the 11th floor. Where I was stymied with the problem of a defective key! For some reason, the little green dot wouldn’t show up!

I ended up using the house phone on that floor to call the front desk, where, instead of generating a new key, they directed security to go to my room, and show me how to use the key. Of course, when security appeared, they needed me to show identification, as if how many other people would be hanging around the end of a hallway on the 11th floor with luggage at 11:20 at night?

So, when the security guard realized the key was indeed defective, he went down to get me a new key. Now, in Hilton’s defense, the security guard did open the door with his key, and allow me to go inside.

But by the time the security guard was at the front desk, so was Volde, with Dopey’s goodies, and I sat and waited for the relief party to appear…

We headed down to the bar, since Volde was going into withdrawal, and I noticed the restaurant was closed, but the sign said room service was available until 0130. Now, I was more hungry than thirsty, as my meal that day consisted of leftover Thai food from Ke’o’s in Waikiki (great restaurant)… A few calamari, and some rice and cashew chicken… They threw a few morsals at us on Delta (five hour flights get more than mere peanuts)… But seriously, I could use some chow…

Volde wanted a double martini (addiction is an ugly thing) but the bartender said no… So, Volde, feigning hunger, asked for more olives in her multiple booze order… (Like THAT is going to fool anyone) I had Newcastle Ale on draft, two pints thank you, and we then discovered that the kitchen was closed.:eek: Off season, don’t you know, a hotel having no obligation to feed their guests after midnight… I guess we were lucky to have two bowls of nuts from the bartender to munch on in an attempt to stave off hunger…

After the first martini, Volde suddenly realized the umbrella that she admonished I could never leave behind had, of course, been left behind… :ohmy: Luckily, I had never been handed the umbrella, thereby preventing me from leaving it behind. I don’t think I would ever hear the end of THAT story…

I tried to call the 800 number, but the automated selection was concerned about making reservations, not alerting the company of forgotten items… I think the second martini (I mean olives) was consumed much faster after that… :closedeye

The Hilton had a super shuttle desk, with a phone, so I was able to talk to a live person. Unfortunately, it appears the umbrella was lost forever… :crying:

So, still starving, I crawl my way back to the front desk, concerned about food. The manager, nonplussed about the key, (despite the fact that had the key worked, we would have been eating prior to midnight) threw me some menus from neighboring restaurants that deliver… Grrrr. :angry:

Luckily, I had Dopey’s cookies to tide me over for the night! :happy:


Now, the first Voldemort plan was because of the super shuttle passes, we’d just hop on the hotel bus for a quick trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! :happy:

Except, there was no hotel bus. Not at either hotel… Anaheim, however, had them wonderful busses that kept us ever so attentive. I swear, the drivers are worse than the Cable guy. Three days for $8.00 per person wasn’t a bad deal, really, it was just the frustration that sometimes the bus would drive from one hotel to the other, which led us to believe it would always drive from one hotel to the other. Nope. Every now and then, while waiting, the bus across the street would leave with only a few passengers.

Turns out route 4 was the Hilton, and route 5 was Voldemort’s hotel. Far be it from reason that a route 4 driver would impose himself on picking up route 5 passengers… :glare:

At 0730, I made the mistake of walking over in shorts and sandals. That wasn’t such a good idea in December. So at 0815, we had our transport passes, waiting for the bus. At 0820, we boarded the bus, heading to Disneyland! I went and requested a replacement pass, since in my sickened state I left it behind last November… It was a bit awkward, though, as I was waiting for the pass, and the CM was waiting for my payment. Pesky thing that, payment… So we entered the park, where Voldemort was met by a CM who hounded her with all sorts of personal questions…

Luckily, she was asked about the planning and research… I wouldn’t have been a candidate, since I barely have time to pack clothes before I fly.

So, always looking for financial gain, Voldemort abandons an hour of park time for mere paper currency. I tried to explain to her the lack of a gold standard has devalued the currency to make it almost worthless, but my financial advice went in one ear and out the other… :mellow:

As we were on Main Street, and only a few of Dopey’s cookies had kept me alive, I was thinking of utilizing the time until rope drop at the Carnation Cafe. Ready2Go had made the menu look appetizing… :wub:

Unfortunately, by the time I had provided the number and name of our party, we stood in line for a few minutes until I realized that absolutely no one was going to be seated in the next ten minutes…

So we decided to ditch the captive audience gig and headed towards the rope, hoping to beat everyone else to the Finding Nemo ride. Which would have worked, but for the gimpy foot thingy…

Voldemort suggested that she didn’t know where to go. I was about to explain the invention of maps, and provide the basic orientation skills to provide her with a reasonable chance of arriving at her intended destination, but I decided that would take longer than if we just headed to the ride at one third impulse power… :pinch:

So, having reached the smoking area where the line had ended, it was all for naught, as the ride was down. So we did the matterhorn. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t ridden that ride in years, but it seemed awfully slow and tame…

Finding Nemo was up and running again, so we stood in line for a half hour, and went aboard. I was happy with the ride, and glad Disney put the submarines back into the park!

We fast passed Space Mountain, then walked on. Voldemort liked it, though she thought it was too windy for the photo op.

Buzz Lightyear was next, then we headed over to California Adventure…


I don’t know whose side of the story I like better:happy: Keep it coming.


more, please!


We showed up early at the designated spot by the Tower of Terror Gift Shop. Waited for 10:45 to arrive, which it did.



So, always one to multi-task, I thought I would go and fast pass Tower or Terror… It appears that the ride does not have Fast Pass as an option on Wednesdays… Only Friday, Saturday and Sunday… :angry: So, off I went to pick up fast passes for Soarin’ over California. I was on my way back when I got the call from Voldemort which, in effect was, “I’m off to sell my soul, have fun on your own…” (or words to that effect). :mellow:

So, having an hour to kill, I decided to make the most of it… I grabbed food. Went over to Downtown Disney, though as soon as I went past the screener, I regretted it, as there was a huge line to get into the park. So I went to La Brea Bakery, got a Ham and Cheese Pachini, which staved of starvation for the moment… Went over to Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, and set up ressies for 1300 later that day. Headed to the movie theater, as we decided Enchanted was a clear choice for watching… I looked at the scheduled times, then hopped onboard the monorail to Tomorrow land to avoid the heavy lines. :happy:

Walked back over to California Adventure, and got in line for California Screaming. I just got off the ride when Voldemort called, stating she had received her payment for services rendered… :laugh:


I agree!!! My eyes are always closed in the pictures from Space Mountain because of the wind!! WHAT IS THAT?! I liken it to what a glaucoma “puff” test must be like :eek: or actually, for me…:pinch:


LOL! Having had a glaucoma “puff” test with the Navy, it’s eerily close to being an extended puff test… :laugh:



Excuse me???

Which one of us was the one asking “so do we need to rent a car?”
That would be you.

Which one of us had a family incident which could have prevented them from making this trip at all, thereby putting the other in a position to require transportation, not knowing about the final presence of the first?
Again, YOU. There were still questions about your attendance as late as November and you know it. I was still going to need a ride…

Which one of us offered to share lodgings with the other in order to save some cash for the first couple of days?
That would be ME. I TOLD you I was getting a double and there would be plenty of room, but noooooo…

Which of us, having already obtained a voucher, offered to get one for the other so HE wouldn’t have to take a cab?
Back to me.

Which of us readily agreed to the above?
Once more, YOU.

You know perfectly well the bloody shuttle took up a good hour of time because you said so yourself in the bar.

OBVIOUSLY, your low blood sugar and level of physical deterioration affected your perception of the evening’s events.


Which was only because the hotels’ websites said they had shuttles! It had nothing to do with the SuperShuttle passes.

Honestly, for some who’s been there, like, a BAZILLION times and stayed in each hotel before, you’d think YOU would have had more knowledge about the situation at hand and therefore could have informed me of my error…

I think I’m going to stop my TR right where it is. Apparently, I was running around Disney with your evil twin.


No, NO, NO!!! You both need to continue - they’re so interesting! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Well, clearly your recollection is a bit different than mine…

But, um, I won’t hold it against you… :blush:

Well, at least you can admit that my emaciated physical condition and horribly low blood sugar was real… :laugh:


I can give you the 5-cent wrap-up right here:

*Weds.-Thurs. : Crowds light, rides fun, food generally good. (Except Napa Rose; food there AMAZING.) “Enchanted” entertaining.

*Fri.-Sat. : Crowds heavier; Fastpasses more necessary. Rides still fun. Food still generally good. “I am Legend” also entertaining.

*Sun. : After much airport hassle inflicted upon the lamentably put-upon 6-2-6, Volde departs; Happiest Place on Earth immediately becomes exponentially happier.

The End.



You were wretched. :crying:

A veritable shadow of your formerly hale and hearty self. :eek:

But I didn’t wish to embarrass you by calling attention to your deplorable state. :blush:

At least that was the condition your Evil Twin was in; I’m not altogether sure about YOU…:blink:


It’s a travesty— you’re using my cookies to feed your empty stomach :pinch:


Um…yeah…not gonna cut it:glare: Even with the “TA-DAAAA!!!” flourish at the end…

Please continue, each of you, with the unabridged version of your TR’s.




I think I’m going to dispense with all that pesky text and post a few random photos.

Easier, you know…




There, there, dear Peppy…no need for that. You might smear your mascara – and have to GO TO SEPHORA!! :laugh:

Or Walgreen’s…


Go to Sephora? Oh the horror!:eek: :laugh: :laugh:

I’ll leave Walgreen’s all to you…