What REALLY Happened At Spoodles


Okay, so the whole M&G thing started off as a joke. I figured I’d convince PalMickey a bunch of people were getting together for dinner, and then I’d sneak in wearing a hat & sunglasses to laugh at Renee.

But NOOOOOO! People took this thing seriously–even sending chocolate cakes–So now I have to take time out of my busy vacation to go and meet people in person.


love the pic…


How dare they? The nerve of some people… :laugh:


So the first thing that goes wrong is they sit me next to dhoughton.

Deb, makes a very nice toast. AND she gives me a Grumpy trading pin. So I’m thinking all is going well, until I’m struggling for my life.


awee!!! I love seeing so many DC’ers and DC’ers by association in one picture!


And then Erin keeps trying to touch me the entire time she’s there.


It doesn’t look like you were putting up much of a fight CaveDude…


Then Ginger shows up about 20 minutes late. We all applaud at her arrival. She waves politely and then starts demanding alcohol from the poor waitress. Thank goodness they don’t give CM discounts on Saturday’s, or she would have been dancing on the table by the time the cake came!


omg 2 funny! :laugh:


Then the evening starts getting humorous. You all know how a cat will jump into the lap of a cat-hater? Or a dog will demand attention from a dog-hater?

Well, we all know how much EmpressJenny hates kids. So guess who DS becomes enthralled with!

I’ve NEVER seen him act so flirtateous. When Jenny got up to use the bathroom, DS got up to block her way. Later, Jenny thinks Pete is squeezing her knee under the table. It turns out DS is under the table doing the squeezing! At one point he tells Lil’ that he’s going to marry Jenny.


Two and a half hours fly by. So much for my telling Lil’ “We’ll just pop in, say hi, and get out of there.”

Of course, it helps that Tigger is on the other end of the table. His attitude was horrible. On the way out I TRY to get a nice picture with him, but when I get home, I see he rolled his eyes.


Here’s a close up to prove my point.


had to be tigger!!


Oh well good to know what really happened!!! The nerve of those people wanting to meet you!!!


So that’s what happened. We all went our seperate ways. Because the ADR was in my name, I got a call from Spoodles saying Disneyguru was banned from the place after that stunt with the flame thrower, but I’m sure you’ve all read enough about that incident by now. So I won’t bore you with the details.


Oh, and don’t get me started on Mickaholic trying to reuse her 1982 Poly mug at Spoodles. :biggrin:


they had mugs back in 1982?? :huh:


And it seems the locals made it home okay so security led everyone to the correct cars - Sounds like it worked out in the end.


Erin :heart:'s Tigger.


It’s nice to know what really happened at Spoodles! Man the nerve of some people! :wink: I’m glad to see everyone had a great time! Looks like you will have to do a M and G again!