What replaced them?


The last time I was at DTD they had dance and comedy clubs. What went in their place? I had heard they close them, is that true?


Nothing, they are all vacant.
Pleasure Island’s entertainment district is a ghost town.
I’m not sure which club this was but there is one new restaurant in Pleasure Island and it is called Paradiso 37.

Paradiso 37, Downtown Disney - Menu

The menu
Paradiso 37 - Downtown Disney


Check this out. Just saw it this am.

Disney Pleasure Island changes: Changes at Disney’s Pleasure Island - OrlandoSentinel.com



welcome to hyperion wharf…pleasure island to be transformed in the next 3 yaers …hopefully better than some of the already subtle changes to it,paradiso is just not that good,OK for snack but stay away from the meals…


Funny you say that. It isn’t even good for drinks. You sit at the bar outside and there’s never a bartender there until you go and get them. Mind you, that happened on a very busy night. We won’t be back there, the drinks are not that great.


BTW, how s the old Empress Lilly restaurant.
Used to love it, but I don’t even know what is in there now.


We weren’t impressed by Paradiso, either.