What resort?


Hi !
We are planning our next trip and wondering which resort We should stay at ! ?:phone:
We don’t have a very low budget so we were wondering what resort you liked and why ?
So then we could choose ! :mickey:


If I wasn’t worrying about a budget (wouldn’t that be nice!) I think I’d love to stay at the Poly, a close second would be WL. I’ll get there someday…


Based on resorts I have stayed at I rate them like this:

Polynesian: We can stay where ever we want but so far nothing has been better for us than the Polynesian. Best transportation, viewing of fireworks and Electrical Water Pageant, great pool, great food, some of the largest standard rooms in WDW, newly refurbished most of the resort in the last 5 years and rooms in the last year, and easy access to the GF and Contemporary for shopping and dinning.

Yacht Club: Second favorite location with easy access to MGM and Epcot. Great food and shopping around the Boardwalk. Nice pool, but smaller rooms and not so great transportation.

AKL: Awesome food and atmosphere. Ok pool and small rooms. Our experience with transportation was not good and there was no where else to walk to so we sort of felt isolated and trapped inside the resort.

Dolphin: Hope I never go back.

I have visited the GF, WL, BC and saw inside the rooms. Nice resorts to visit but don’t think I would ever stay there (personal preference).

If I were ever to do a moderate I would try Coronado Springs or POR.

I will be trying Boardwalk Villas and Swan in the next year.


I like AKL because it’s a deluxe with a lower price tag…that and it’s totally gorgeous and has live animals right outside your balcony. POFQ would be my choice for a moderate casue it’s smaller than the other humungo mods and they treat you like royalty there…love that place.


Out of the All Stars, we like “Music” the best…Sports is always crowded and Movies just doesn’t seem to have the same atmosphere. Coronado Springs has a great food court but doesn’t have the same “feel” as the others…POR is great for walking around, especially in the Alligator Bayou section, and the boats to Downtown Disney are a nice touch…we’ve had fun exploring the various pools and fishing there. We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and felt confined,as there’s no place to stroll and that is one of our favorite evening activities. wilderness Lodge is great, especially around the holidays. Don’t care for Caribbean Beach at all - horrible bus service, boring “commonplace” area - and this is after the renovations a few years back. Hope this helps…


So far the Boarwalk has been our favorite.
First, it’s a beautiful resort, with a great pool area. Second would be it’s convienet location, so close to Epcot and The Studios.


oh my…a tricky question! :pinch:

Well, If I had no worries on cost then I would choose the Poly no question. DH and I honeymooned there and dream of staying there again one day. The food is awesome, the atmosphere amazing and the ease of having the Monorail literally on your doorstep is a complete plus! The rooms are very spacious and you can get great views from the Luau cove ( and many other areas too) of the MK fireworks. oh…and Lapu Lapu’s :wub: :happy: :blush:

A VERY close 2nd for my choice would be Wilderness Lodge. A totally stunning building. Exquisite (sp?). The lobby alone is worth every penny you spend to stay there! Rooms great, comfy and spacious. Close to Mk.
The only reason that WL is 2nd choice is down to the fact that it is Bus service or boat launch to parks and not on the Monorail circuit.

Now, my other suggestion is to stay at my other favorite resort POR. This resort is beautiful. Spacious, great pools, great atmosphere and nice rooms. Think of what you could do with your $$$$ if you didn’t stay in a deluxe resort and went for a moderate like POR?!? You could have a complete vacation where you could say ’ buy what you want, eat what you want’ and blow the cost!

Just a thought… :wink: :mickey: