What restaraunt would you suggest?


This is our 5th trip to the world. We have eaten at:
Coral Reef
50s Primetime
Liberty Tree
Crystal palace
Hollywood and Vine
Le Cellier
L Original di Roma

Ive also made ADRs for Boma and Rose and Crown pu for this trip. In your opinion, what restaraunt is a MUST do??


We personally LOVE Marrakesh (I may have gotten the spelling wrong) at Epcot in Morroco


I don’t see 'Ohana or Whispering Canyon on your list…those two are fun places.


citrico’s and california grill are my personal fav’s…



And I see you have L Original di Roma…wonderful place! We sat outside during EMH and had a fabulous meal!


In your opinion, what restaraunt is a MUST do??

California Grill DEFINITELY!!! 2 TS meals on the dining plan but totally worth every penny!!


If you haven’t tried 'Ohana before I suggest that.



We’ve been fans of Marrakesh for decades!!

I first went shortly after Epcot opened when they had pillows for seats. They stopped doing that around 1988 I think.

But the food was wonderful then, and it’s wonderful now. It’s not nearly as adventurous as you might think. Even picky eaters can find yummies on the menu. All of the appetizers are terrific.

And the entertainment is quite fun! :mickey:


Whispering Canyon for a dinner is a must! It’s alot of fun…


We love Marrekesh too!!! You’ve already hit most of our faves, but have you tried The Brown Derby? It’s great and not that expensive if you stick to appetizers and desserts. The Cobb Salad alone makes it worth the trip!


I’d go with Ohana also. great restaurant, great food, great atmosphere!


Well, you already have Rose & Crown (THAT is an absolute must!)

I would add 'Ohana (Especially the character breakfast!), and the Sci-Fi at MGM! Some folks don’t like Sci-Fi, but we’ve eaten there on two trips, and thoroughly enjoyed both times!


We always eat at 50’s Primetime and ESPN Club every trip, but we have talked about eating at Sci-Fi, Chef Mickey for dinner, Fulton’s Crab House and Mickey’s BBQ.

We may actually go hit an All Star Resort for dinner one night too.


Been there 5 times and haven’t done 'Ohanas??? :huh:
You can’t go wrong with 'Ohana or Whispering Canyon. Two totally different dining experiences.
We also enjoy Trails End at the Campground for their breakfast buffet. It’s a quiet change from the Character breakfasts. We hop over there for Sunday breakfast when we have weekend visitors.


Artist Point. Absolutely.


What about Spoodles? Im definitely adding O Hanas so thanks for that tip!


Ohana is not on your list??? And don’t forget Earl of Sandwich!!!


Ohana, Spoodles, Sci-Fi and Chef Mickeys to name a few.


Ohana!!! Now that I see you have added that one, how about Fultons Crab House? It’s not on the DDP but they are so good!


I personally had a great time at Liberty Tree in MK. Really great character interaction, nice atmosphere, and cozy food!