What restaurant surprised you?


Good or bad, what restaurant surprised you?

We have eaten at some very good restaurants over the years, I expected great meals and got them. However, I have had a few surprises along the way.

Hollywood and Vine. I knew it was a buffet and didn’t expect too much but I ended up loving it.

Restaurant Marrakesh was also a surprise, I wanted to love it but I didn’t. I think I just expected too much and I was let down.


I agree, H & V was a very pleasant surprise. Generally, I despise buffets, but I really enjoy eating there.

Ohana was a letdown. The food wasn’t very good, and neither was the service.


WHat a great thread!! I don’t have alot of Disney Dining Experiences, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Maya Grill at CSR after hearing such bad reviews!


I was surprised with the Biergarten, we didn’t like it at all. I loved the dinner at Chef Mickey’s much more than I thought I would.


I was surprised that I was thoroughly unimpressed with California Grill. You don’t make an ADR at a 2-pointer without expecting it to be really wonderful.

I thought I’d probably think Tangierine Cafe was pretty good; I didn’t expect to still be craving it 2 months later!

Oh, while the food at 'Ohana was pretty much what I expected, I didn’t expect to LOVE the dessert, nor to have as good a time and enjoy the atmosphere as much as I did.


The Good: We threw in Rose and Crown on our first ‘real’ trip as sort of a “lets try this cause Dave likes beer”…we ended up loving it! Also, Whispering Canyon was an unplanned PS and we LOVED it…Tangerine Cafe was sort of a “we’re hungry, and here” kind of thing. I have a love affair with hummus because of that place.
The Bad: I didn’t LOVE Ohana’s as much as I thought I would–which of course is why I am trying it again…
The Ugly: Sci Fi…overpriced, bad food, that didn’t even go with the whole themeing of the place…my opinion…turn it into a counter service place…the food would go with the themeing much better. Yakitori House…yuck. never again.


Unimpressed: Chef Mickey’s dinner…the food was OK. Those parmesan potatoes that everyone raves about…DH and I both thought they were ok, nothing special. We didn’t even finish what was on our plate. My Parmesan mashed red potatoes are SO much better then Chef Mickey’s.


I agree with Bella on Rose and Crown. We went there last night basically to get some drinks and decided to stay and eat. I was very impressed with the food (and the hot British waiters are an added bonus :biggrin: :wink:) and it was a fun atmosphere. I would definitely go back again.

Les Chefs de France was something I thought I would love. I liked it okay enough, but I am not really in a rush to go back. It was fun, but I guess I was expecting something else. The food was so-so, but perhaps it’s because we went at lunch. I just don’t know.

My absolute least favorite: the food court area at CSR. Overpriced plus the gratuity automatically added. That is not a food court in my opinion, especially since we never even got any service.


Well, Lil’ and I loved Marrakesh, as we expected.

Spoodles was a great suprise for us. We actually wanted to just order counter service from the Spoodles pizza window, and we wrongly assumed you could order from inside. So we wound up going full service and loving it!


I absolutely love the food at CSR! I think it is great and it was a big surprise because I didn’t expect that from a food court.

The Tappaniki Room (sp) was a HUGE dissapointment - the food was bland and it was a portion fit for a bird so we were starving afterwords.


Actually our surprises both came from MGM

The Good - 50’s Prime Time. We’re taking my parents on our trip. The food and atmosphere are outstanding.

The Bad - Sci-Fi Drive in. Great concept with bad food. If they could do anything to salvage it I’d gve it another try. I actually had to talk my Dad out of wnating to eat here assuring him the food was bad.


Good thread!!

Good: Teppanyaki. I was never a big fan of “Benni Hana” (sp?) so I wasn’t too excited about trying the Disney version… LOVED IT… will go back MANY times!!!

Disapointment: Chef Mickey’s. People seem to sing the praises of this buffet but my honest opinion is that people must get caught up in the plethera of characters and the atmosphere b/c I honestly thought the food was TERRIBLE. Decided my character alternative is Liberty Tree, which I LOVE!


I agree with Andrea, California Grill sucks. Way overpriced, they don’t adhere to the dress code, and kids were running around the restaurant all night. Plus, you usually have to wait 30 minutes or more past your PS time. I also think the Rose & Crown is over hyped. Way overpriced for crappy food. O’hana changed the menu, and now I don’t like it as much as I used to, but the potatoes were excellent. I do really enjoy going to Whispering Canyon Cafe, even though we don’t have any children.


Great idea for a thread!

The one that suprised me most, in a good way is Earl of Sandwich.

Other than that I can’t say I have ever had a “bad” meal anywhere, so there are no bad suprises for me.


I guess I’m in the minority but our biggest surprise was Sci Fi, our food was excellent and the atmosphere was so different, nothing we can do at home and our waiter was terrific, it’s on our repeat list.
Bad experiences were The Coral Reef, we were all unimpressed, we didn’t feel it was worth 2 table service meals and Teppanyaki was disappointing, we love Japanese food but the similar locations at home were better


Good - LTT - LOVED IT!
Bad - Crystal Palace for supper. :mickey:


A not so pleasant surprise for me was Spoodles. It was okay, but after all the hype I expected more. I mean it was good, just not great. The appetizer and the dessert were very good. The entree was disappointing. The service was fine, and the atmosphere was ok. All in all, it just seems to me that the place tries way too hard.


I felt the EXACT same way. What was your entree?


The Lemon Chicken with toasted couscous. The couscous was fine, but the chicken was dry and not all that lemony.

OTOH, the appetizer called Four Cheese Flatbread was excellent.


Excellent thread.

The good: Clam Bake at the Beach Club Resort. I generally don’t like buffets (they tend to be messy, well ya know)
The bad: I can’t think of one.