What Ride PART TWO


Trying again!!


It’s a Small World: Attack of the Singing Doll Children

I don’t know why, but you didn’t have the teacups.


The teacup suggestion came after I put up this poll…It’s a good one!


Yes it is.


I voted Matterhorn…:happy: Just cuz I love that ride. (And aren’t there already talks of a Jungle Cruise movie?)


I like the idea of small world going mad…


46 people viewed the thread and only seven votes?? C’mon, it doesn’t take that much effort to click a choice.

I do thank all of you who voted and comment.

I do wish I had thought of and added “Tea Cups of Terror”!! DARN!!


Picture a man and woman visiting the grave of a relative. It’s late afternoon. The man glances over his shoulder and sees a group of what appear to be dolls approaching and singing “It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears, it’s a world of death and a world of fears!” He quickly turns to the woman (his sister) and says “They’re coming to get you, Barbara.”

How’s that for the opening scene???:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I will go with the Jungle Cruise… :happy: Can Scarlett Johansen be the star??? :blush:


I believe I see a trend…:glare:


Hey you forgot Everest (if could be like King Kong with snow and Scarlett Johansen )


Great beginning…I’m sending it to the producer right now!:laugh:


Sorry, I am a California boy. I have been to Disneyland MANY times but still no trip across country to WDW yet, though thats coming up in the next couple of years or so. Anyway, I admit my knowledge of WDW and it’s rides is lacking. :frown:


Get ye to WDW and ride EE my good man. Go and find much joy.


A Jungle Cruise movie sounds like it has more potential, then again all the other ride movies sort of didn’t do as well as Pirates so I’d be skeptical.

And if this was all a big joke, then I’d have to change my vote to IASW! :laugh:


Well, yeah…it’s all in fun. “All” the other ride movies besides pirates?? I don’t know of any besides Haunted Mansion that were rides first and then movies…what am I missing?


Ok, our vote was for the Attack of the Dolls…not my choice, but my 12yo DS’s. :eek: I would have voted for Mark Twain. :blow: (he added that smilie…not me)


Join Tigger and I and we shall stand in line waiting for the movie premier for a week! :tongue:


I like the Matterhorn idea (I voted for it)…

But the Small World one is a classic!! :eek: :laugh:


Childlike Dolls become masters of mayhem!!!