What ride should Disney turn into a live action film next?


Chime in after voting on the poll as to what and why…just for fun.:happy:


Where’s the poll? :confused:



I was thinking Tower of Terror but there already is a movie. :laugh:


Darn it it didnt let me post the poll because it took longer than 5 minutes!!


Who needs a poll?

Tea cups of terror? :ohmy: (spinning round and round and round)

Or It’s a Small World Out to get you? :eek: (They’ll turn you into a mind-numbed zombie with that endless and nonceasing song being played over and over and over…)


I’m going with the tea cups of terror :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Tea Cups of terror!!! I didn’t even think of that one myself. Too funny!


Expedition Everest…


wait wait…how about Jungle Cruise the Movie!

Could be really campy like George of the Jungle.


How about “Small World the Movie”. Chuckie could play the Iran doll that supplies Nuclear arms to Syria and Hezbolah. “The wildest ride in the middle East”. Zurg could play North Korea.


The Enchanted Tiki Hut, starring Scarlett Johansen! :whistling


Oh My YES and get it done NOW!!! I would see it twice :laugh:


The Jungle Cruise with George Clooney!!!:heart:
It could be like the African Queen with Humphrey Bogart.


I’m really into politics so I just love that.:laugh:

I like the Expedition Everest idea.


What about a movie about Mission Space the movie?


with Scarlett Johansen right?



Yep, Tigger, you would make an excellent producer! Cast those roles brother! :cool:


Already done, it’s called “The Right Stuff” and “Apollo 13”…just no Scarlet J!!:frown:


Ummm that is why it needs to be made…what good are all those “space” movies with out Scarlett Johansen?

(In fact Disney should remake the Black Hole with Scarlett Johansen )


Actually they DID do Mission to Mars… :slight_smile:

I think Everest could be very good, jokes aside. For humor, yes, Jungle Cruise.