What room category at the Poly


Hi everyone. Like I just posted in another thread (sorry Dana!). Iam hoping to plan a surprise, secret Double Birthday trip for me and DD December 2007. I was checking online last nite rates for both the Contemporary and the Poly. I know, I know, I have plenty of time but it keeps me busy waiting for my trip to come up and I want to save some $$ for it too.
So I checked online last nite and priced a Garden Wing Room which was $2309.81 for 5nites 12/14-12/19 with the park hopper MYW and Dining plan. Iam skipping the water park (it will be December) and more option and the rental car this time. That rate wasn’t bad. I priced the Contemp. too and picked the Tower MK view room and got $2681.06 (not bad either, I think) but when I asked my DD tonite if price wasn’t an issue which nice hotel would she like to stay at and her 1st choice was the POly!!

Now in terms of room location, I want something close to the Volcano Pool, and I was looking on Intercot and the 2 non-smoking bldgs close to the pool are the SAMOA and TOKELAU. Does anyone have a preference over the other? And what bldg has the refurbished rooms?
SO, the room location would be my top priority and near the pool, I would also be close to the Grand Ceremonial House. The actual room doesnt have to be a suite or anything, it’s just the 2 of us, but we want a nice room, does that make any sense?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!! :happy:

and btw I have 493 days to go!! :laugh:

Ohh and DD will be turning 10 on the 16th and I will be turning 36 :eek: on the 18th!!!


Oh and does the Poly have Jacuzzi’s?
My dd loves them! They would be nice on a cool December nite!! :heart:

I didn’t see a FAQ thread for the Polynesian! :frown:


No the Poly has no jacuzzis. :sad: This was the ONLY thing that made me really sad when we stayed there.

However, Samoa building ROCKS! That is where we stayed. We had a garden view room on the 2nd floor facing the quiet pool. It was a beautiful view, and our room was literally steps from everything…both pools, the path to the monorail, the Great Ceremonial House, Captain Cook’s. To me, it’s worth it NOT to pay for a lagoon view, and instead get into Samoa. Having that centralized location was completely worth it. :heart:

I don’t know which rooms have the refurbished rooms, but I think they started with lagoon view rooms in the Hawaii building. I would think a large majority (if not all) of the rooms would be refurbished by the time you go! :mickey:


Congratulations on choosing the Polynesian, you will just love it.

When we were there in July, the Tokelau building was closed for refurbishment, so it should be reopen by December. Another building to consider is Rarotonga. We stayed there in 2002 and it was very convenient to the pools and the GCH. The garden views are fine, I’ve never stayed in a bad one. We also stayed in the Hawaii building many years ago and had a lagoon view. It was nice to say that we did it, and the view is spectacular, but the garden views are pretty nice too so you will not be disappointed.

There is no jacuzzi at the Polynesian, however, there are numerous jets and a ledge that stretches across the back of the volcano pool. I’ve always found it a relaxing place to sit and relax.


Val -
Request Nuie. That building, IMHO, is ideal. It’s right in between both pools, close to the beach, very close to the great ceremonial house and even close to the arcade. I loved that building. Request one on the first floor facing the volcano pool and you can see everything from your chair on the patio…lol


Thank you everyone for all the great recommendations, you all gave me some great advice.

Intercot said the 4 bldgs closest to the Volcano Pool was
Hawaii, Tokelau, Niue and Samoa
But Tokelau and Samoa seem to be the smoke free ones.

Dana, did you get a smoking room?
I tend to stay away from them because they stink and Iam also not a smoker.

Thanks again everyone! :heart:


We stayed in Samoa and loved the location. It was right in between the 2 pools. It was non-smoking. We requested facing the quiet pool b/c I had read that the rooms facing the volcano pool can be loud. It was a very short walk to the GCH and Capt Cooks. IMO a great location!!


My floor was smoking optional. That may be a draw back for you. Sorry I wasn’t thinking. I don’t think the second floor was smoking however, but that may not matter to a nonsmoker.


Val, I know we could smell smoke in a lot of the other buildings, even if not all the rooms were smoking rooms. But Samoa was fresh and clean. If you are sensitive to that, I would go for Tokelau or Samoa. Better to be comfortable than take the chance! :mickey:


that’s quite alright…
along as the room Iam in is strictly non-smoking, then Iam good. The whole bldg doesn’t have to be non-smoking but I just thought I would narrow my choices down and pick 1 of the 2 non-smoking bldgs! lol


Thanks! with your recommendations on Samoa, I may just go for that one! :happy:


I think you should go to a strickly nonsmoking building. The optional smoking ones will have the lingering smell. I know how annoying that must be to somone who doesn’t smoke. Be safe and go with the nonsmoking buildings.


Gotcha!!! :wink:

Also do you know or does anyone know if the weather mid December is too cold to do the Luau?
We did the Luau the 1st nite of our trip last year. Remember that Saturday nite when it was real cool after H. Wilma passed thru Florida? That was the end of October and we froze our butts off at the Luau that nite which is right on top of the Lake! brrrr :frostyang


I think the luau may be a bit of a crap shoot that time of year. The weather range is not consistant. You could have really good weather or freeze your butts off. I honetly would skip that and just to hoop-de-doo or just ohanna. For as much as that luau costs, I would have to be sitting there shivering during the entire show.


I think your right! It’s not a good time of year to do the luau, i was just thinking of going back there because my dd enjoyed it soo much on our last trip.
Iam not totally sure on the hoop dee doo yet. I think I would rather use a signature dining for the 2credits like California Grill. Hoop dee doo might be a good show but the food they serve iam not crazy about for the price they charge!

Ok…now Iam looking at cruises! :wacko:
and am thinking of a 4nt land/3nt sea cruise for 12/16-12/23 but dont know if 4nts on land would be enough for us! :wacko:
And of course the cost would be $4000 for everything (includes Poly for land portion). If i can afford it, i might just do it!!!


Shhhh, don’t tell anyone about this. If you’re in the concierge lodge, you have access to the concierge lounge all night. That gives you a 24 hour supply of cappucino. If that kind of thing is important or attractive to you, your choice is clear.


Oooh, a cruise! Your trip possibilities are just looking better and better Val! :wink:


Thanks! :wink:
I better stop thinking cuz it’s starting to get expensive! :laugh: I can do alot of damage in the next 15months! :wacko: :laugh:
Also my trip just got longer too! I was thinking of only 5nts so I wouldnt have to drag her out of school a full week but hey, it’s our Birthday’s!!! :cool:


Does anyone have any comments on the Figi bldg?


I stayed in the Tahiti Longhouse when I went and LOVED it!!! We had a view of the castle and lagoon and it was just WONDERFUL.

Val, good luck with your plans! GO FOR A CRUISE!!! :pirate: