What should be the next addition to the Magic Kingdom?


What do you think should be the next addition to the Magic Kingdom?

Raging Spirits- a roller coaster ride around a temple.
Monsters Inc.- a dark ride through Monstropolis.
Beauty and the Beast- a dark ride based on the Disney movie.
Hercules- a dark ride for the first half, but then are launched on a roller coaster ride through the underworld only to be saved by Hercules.
Haunted Mansion rehab- upgrade the audio/lighting to this classic ride, creating a much more impressive loading area to the ride, as well as adding a few new special effects while giving the ride some TLC.
Space Mountain rehab- redo everything. Create a whole new ride experience (much like Disneyland) with a new track layout and new special effects.

I would love to see the Beauty and the Beast dark ride in Fantasyland or Raging Spirits in Adventureland. Monsters Inc. would also be an excellent addition to Tomorrowland. The rehabs would be nice as well. Your thoughts?


A Monsters Inc dark ride in Tomorrowland would be awesome.


I love the idea of a Hercules roller coaster type ride! That would be great!


I voted “Space Mountain rehab” b/c it’s starting to get a little rough around the edges.


Monster’s Inc. for me!

But really, I think Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Splash Mountain all need a rehab. Things are getting kinda jerky. And as much as I love (LOVE) Splash Mountain… the animatronics are getting kinda jumpy… :ninja:


monsters inc DEFFO!


My vote is for the Monsters Inc. Ride. How cool would that be. My son is hook on Pixar movies and has been since he turned 1. I would love to see this new addition! Plus some of the ride rehabs are for classic rides. Even though they may be a little outdated, they are part of Disney history. Could you really imagine Haunted Mansion or Space Mountain any other way??


It seems to me that Monsters Inc would belong in MGM more than MK. I TOTALLY want them to build the Monsters Inc ride, but it just seems more suited for the “movie” park…

I voted for the Raging Spirits, mostly for the reason that Adventureland DESPRATELY needs something exciting…something BIG!


The Monsters Inc ride is a must!


I agree with DT, maybe they could use the Stitch space for that?

goes hiding from the Stitch ride fans


I voted Beauty and the Beast. I love belle


I completely agree with you Dew! I feel like it would be COMPETELY out of place in the MK, unless it was in Fantasyland!


I think that they could do a great job with a Monsters Inc ride. I don’t think it would matter which park, although MGM could benefit the most from it I think.


I voted for a Beauty and the Beast dark ride in Fantasyland. A new dark ride based on an animated feature along the lines of Peter Pan’s Flight and Snow White’s Scary Adventures would be more than welcome.


I wanted to vote for all of the above …


Hercules Roller Coaster!! That really sounds like fun!


I’m with Wish. As much as I love Space Mountain, it’s overdue for a rehab. I’d love to see something like they did at Disneyland, but I don’t think I could stand the ride being closed for that long. :sad: It would be cool to see it updated with new effects and please, please some new ride vehicles. Those spaceships aren’t exactly comfy.


Don’t they have that at the “Holy Land Experance”?


I vote for SM update…but don’t update it to much :wink:

I would love to see a tech update on PoTC (my favorite MK ride by the way) and HM as long as they didn’t change the story or feel to much. There is so many new effect they could use (I would love for them to find a way to do the cannon and gun fire in the PoTC in a more realistic way as an example).

I would love to see Oswald the Luck Rabbit added to Stiches escape thingy :tongue:


I had to go with the Monsters Inc. ride. I think that would be a lot of fun.


Monsters Inc would be a blast!! I would love it!!