What Should I Do?


Well, here is my bad news. No one in my family (except me) wants to go to WDW for vacation. They’re tired of it. Should I go myself?


Oh no!!! That’s horrible!! :crying:
Would you have fun at Disney by yourself? For me, most of the fun is in being there with other people. And I just plain don’t like being alone. :frowning: But if you don’t have a problem with it, then go for it! I bet you’d have an AWESOME time! Lots of people do solo trips and LOVE THEM.


Are there things at WDW that you and the family have not done yet? I know we tend to do the same things over and over and always say “we need to do something different…there are so many things to do at WDW”. Maybe go to a water park or two, or stay at a resort and use the amenities (spa, beach, etc.) I cant believe your family has done EVERYTHING that is offered. There has to be something that will entice them.


I for one, would LOVE a solo trip…going at your own pace, seeing what you want to see, staying where you want to stay…GO FOR IT!!


I just can’t get over the “no one wants to go to WDW” part :pinch: Hmmm…maybe a friend would like to go with you???


There is this really cool guy on DC named ingamba that would love an all expense paid trip and would be happy to accompany you. :wink:

In all honesty, I’d love to go to WDW by myself. It’d be a chance to go at your own pace, like others have said, and do all the things that you want to do and for yourself, not to please others.

It’d never happen to me though, I have too many family and friends that love Disney too ever let me go alone.


Maybe this year is not the year for WDW! Your family probably wants a change of scenery. Call a family meeting and get suggestions. If your kids are getting older they might not enjoy the thrill of the Magic as much as they used to. I don’t think I could go to WDW alone. Half the fun is the family time.

Good Luck!!


Take me! Take me!


I think you go medieval on them.

OR research the new stuff since you last trip - Like Soarin or Expedition Everest. Use those to set the hook.

At the very least, I strongly advise against taking a Yankee fan.


Solo trips are really fun! I had three days to myself during my two week Orlando trip and I had a blast! No stopping every ten minutes for someone to use the restroom or get a snack. You go where you want to go and no one argues. It is sort of bittersweet in the fact that you can’t point out something cool to your family, but it is a whole different experience. I loved it!


How often have you gone and for how long? My dh would never want to go every year even though I would. Mabye you need to just let some time pass and do some other trips and you will be able to get back to the World in the future.


I’ve had this debate with myself many times over the last few years. Mine is from 1)sucky friends 2)broke friends 3)all of the above.

I’m not too into doing the parks solo. I love being by myself, and there are certain places I prefer to go alone. But the parks I don’t know about. It would be nice to take it all and go at your own pace. But I like the memory factor. Plus, I don’t want to be in those photos alone. :frowning:

But I’ll go against the grain and vote for a change of scenery. Growing up, we never went to WDW every year. We always changed it up and went every other year, and during those off years, went to New Orleans, Smoky Mountains, etc. It’s nice to see something different. That way, they’ll be yearning for the next WDW trip!


I agree with Kipp, mixing it up this year is not a bad thing. That way eveyone will be excited to go back next year.


:blink: Tired of it? :blink:

Ah, well, not everyone has our capacity.

Maybe it is time to do something different this year… with a FIRM commitment to go back to WDW next year?


I would go. Without question. Without family. I would so go…I think it would be a blast! :tongue:


I go to WDW for the day and for a weekend by myself all the time. I highly recommend it!!!


I think some of it might depend on the time available for vacations for everyone, how many people are in your family, ages, relationships, etc.



Actually, I went to DL by myself way back when. It was wonderful! alittle lonely at night, but exploring the park was THE BEST!!! You can go on the single riders lines, set your own pace, eat when you want to, and all that jazz! Maybe go by yourself and just stay a couple of days!


You should not go alone–take me!!


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: OH MY GOD !!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

How could ANYONE ever get tired of WDW?! I just can’t fathom it!

I feel so bad for you! :crying: