What Should I Expect To Pay?


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Would like to know, especially from MickeyMcfizzle, "“What should i expect to pay”, for food and drinks in and around the park, and if you could recommend any good places to eat?:confused:

Have already had some top tips from Towncar T, but as you know It’s all in the planning to make everything go as smoothly as possible on any Disney Trip.

Any info, more than welcome, I feel like i’m planniing a ‘Mission To Mars’ (now there’s a ride)…he,he

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I had been to Disneyland Paris before but that was a couple of years ago. Since the Dollar is so weak at the moment, I would recommend to calculate a little bit more due to the exchange rates.


I’d say about 7-10 E for a counter service meal. I think buffets ranged from 25 - 40 E. And sit down places were a range.

I’m a little late with this response - lol.


How is the planning going, only one week now!
I bet you are excited. :happy:


:laugh: Excited is not the word, My Kids have gone mental!!! :laugh:

Can’t wait to get there, and get loads of Pictures and Videos for me to share in my TR…

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