What should WDW build more of?


Let me know where you think Disney should spend their money.


I think they should make more thrill rides…just to keep them above the competition…not too extreme thrill rides…more like “baloo85” thrill rides…hehehe…and I also think that a new show should be added to wdw…and this should be ON THE RECORD…once it finishes its tour of the country…to keep the great music alive!


Thrill rides. But what is a Family Ride considered to be?

I love Disney. But honestly… Six Flags and IOA stole me with their thrill rides. I love rollercoasters, going fast, and flipping upside down. Disney just doesn’t do that for me.


I voted for my thrill rides as well, not mass hunks of steel but thrill rides done the Disney way with proper themeing. Expedition Everest and Rock n’ Rollercoaster are perfect examples!
Joe :mickey:


I would love to see more family rides. The baby swap is a nice thing, but I would rather go on rides where we can be together.


I love the idea of more resorts, but I voted for thrill rides. You just can’t beat that first ride on Rock-n-Roller Coaster every trip!


Since there is no choice for an all new theme park, and I’m too old for ‘thrill rides’, then I guess family rides, (if family rides mean no being upside down or going up and down too fast, hehehe) or Shows. Something sedate, easy to handle, restful. However, I’m sure my kids want nothing but more thrill rides!!, heheheehehe, and the more thrilling the better!


I voted for more family rides, but I also love Disney’s shows so I would like that too.


I voted for thrill rides. My kids are getting older now and really enjoy the thrill rides.


We loved the Buzz Light Year AstroBlasters. I would love more rides like that!


I voted for family rides…but to me that means at least HM and POC


I would like to see more family rides


I was torn between thrill rides and resorts, but I said thrill rides. I’m with Kippage…I :heart: everything Disney, but I still yearn for flipping upside down on a roller coaster every once in a while. I’m a thrill junkie.


Thrill rides. I love the thrill rides.


I love Disney for the family rides.


Walt built his park so families could enjoy things together. I don’t think most 5 year olds or 70 year old grandmas and grandpas care to ride on rides like Expedition Everest or Mission: Space. They can build a few “thrill” rides for those who need to show how brave they are or get a rush, but the majority of rides and shows should be things the family can enjoy together.


I need a new deluxe resort on the monorail!!


I voted thrill rides 'cause I’m a thrill ride junkie :tongue:


Thrill rides for me too!! Honestly, I think that WDW needs to build a new park that is more thrill rides and villan themed. I don’t think that the WHOLE park needs to be monsterous roller coasters (you can go to Cedar Point for that) but a great mix of big thrills, villans, shows and 3-D simulator rides (like IOA).

Some families totally enjoy thrill rides so I guess I’m confused as to what someone would classify as a “family ride”.


trly a combination of the two but they must a blended balance for you must appeal to the kids and family but you must remain cool for the teens and the rest of us fun loving adults