What should WDW build more of?


More family rides and shows. Disney is unique, do not want to turn it into Six Flags or Busch Gardens.


I think most people figured this out out, but a kiddie ride would be like Dumbo, or most of the rides in Fantasyland. A family ride would be like Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Soarin’ or Kilmanjaro Safaris. The thrill rides would be Tower of Terror, etc.

What I would like to see is more of the family thrill rides. I would put Test Track in that, where just about anyone can ride it, and it isn’t to scary, but has a sense of thrill to it.


That’s what we like, Mickey–family thrill rides. We go to WDW with a wide range of ages and I like to be able to go on rides together as a group, that’s what Disney is all about.


PhysicalT104 : I go along with your new deluxe resort on the monorail, but I’ll go one further, a DVC resort on the monorail!


i voted shows i think that why disney needs put new shows.


I voted for thrill rides. My family including my 6 year old DS are coaster junkies. While we love the Disney theme and spend more time at Disney than any other park, we do enjoy riding the coasters at other parks. I would love to have more thrill rides with the Disney theme for us to enjoy on our vacations.


Family thrill rides…good idea Mickey! Test Track is a good example. I would love a lot more rides like that.

Would you put Splash Mountain in that category, too? I picture that as the perfect “family thrill” because my whole family can enjoy it, but it’s got a big “thrill” to it too.


I want more of the old fashioned ‘Disney Rides’. If I just want thrill rides then I can go to Busch Gardens of IOA. I want my Disney rides! Waaaaaa, Waaaaaa. Disney took some of the good rides out and have replaced some of them with thrill rides. I miss Horizons and World of Motion. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy Mission:Space and Test Track but I enjoy the relaxing rides with the fun scenes and songs. That is what Disney really means to me. Not all the Thrill rides. We need more of the old fashioned “Disney Rides”.


My vote is for family rides so we can all enjoy it together


I picked more Thrill Rides so they can catch up on this aspect as they surpass the competition on all other areas




Shows of course! Who doesn’t love taking a load off their feet after along wait on Space Mountain??


Thrill rides all the way!!! :mickey:


I voted Family Rides :slight_smile:


You got it! Bring back some of the good stuff!