What should we dooooo?


Ok now we have 2 non planned days!!! Originally we had one but because we found cheaper airfare we are staying an extra day so now I need some suggestions!!!

We are going to all of the parks and the water parks and DTD/DQ on the trip so far!!!

We could just hit the parks again!!! OR do some things we have never done…LIKE???(this is where you guys come in:rolleyes: ) Any suggestions?


If you already have time in each park covered, as well as any of the water parks you would like to visit…you could go resort hopping, or spend the day relaxing at your resort, or venture off of WDW property and go do something not disney related. Maybe go to Aquatica or Sea World, or City Walk, or the Science Center. There are a bunch of things to do I think at Wilderness Campgrounds…canoeing, petting zoo, etc. And there are tons of mini-golf places around too.


I don’t think one day is enough for either Epcot or MK! So I’d be heading back to one of those parks.


My vote would be to spend one of the 2 days just chilling out at your resort, swimming, and relaxing.

I’d spend the second day hitting up an favourites again :slight_smile:


Driving a sea racer boat or another day at MK?


Sea World is a lovely park and also what about the Kennedy Space Centre- thats a really great place to visit and I wasnt that keen to go but loved it there- just an idea!


Great ideas so far!!! We will have already gone to both Epcot and MK twice so, we could go back but like I said we are looking for some different things to do!

Love the Sea World idea but we may do that at the beginning of the week because we have free passes because we are going to Discovery Cove.

Maybe the little boats at the Poly??

Keep the ideas coming!!!


You could always go to Universal. I beat they are doing something special about the new movie that just came out!:mellow:


One day at each park is never enough!! Do a half day at MK and Epcot to cover the stuff you miss! We like to spend one half day just in the countries eating around the world and exploring everything.


You could spend some time at the Boardwalk.

Take a look at the shops and resorts, then head into the World Showcase at Epcot.


Go resort hopping, I love all the theming at the different resorts. Relax by the pool or at the resort.


Disney Quest, mini golf, Sea World, IOA, drive out to Busch Gardens, rent a boat, go parasailing, take a tour, ride the monorail and resort launches, go back to the Disney parks, or there is the resurrected Cypress Gardens. Kennedy Space Center is an interesting choice, but since they’ve tried to turn it into an all day one price attraction, where in the past anyone could tour the exhibition halls, rocket garden and the Astronaut Memorial (which I have been paying for through my Challenger license plate since 1988) for free, and sadly today, you MUST pay admission for a full day program including IMAX flims and tours if you only wanted to stop by for an hour or two.


I would spend time at my resort pool and rent a watermouse. I’ve always wanted to have some extra time to do that.


Leave it unplanned and take a vote that day to see what everyone wants to do. You could even have everyone pick their favorite ride and make it a mission to park hop and hit everyone’s favorite.


You could check out some of the other resorts and have ice-cream, desert or a lite lunch/dinner at one of those. You could go to Universal/IOA; they have a great deal on tickets for 2 parks there. Go shopping, hit up the outlet stores. Go to Dixie Stampede or Midevel Knights. Relax and lounge by your resort pool. If you drove or are interested in renting a car, head to the beach.


Which resort are you staying at?

After we get home I always feel like I wish we could have spent more time just hanging around the resort/pool. That’s what I would vote for. Disney vacations are always so busy that it’s nice to through a day in there just for relaxing.



You could check out Sea World or Cape Canaveral. That’s what we’d do on our trips if we had extra days.


:eek: :laugh: LOL I said 2 extra days!!! hahaha

No really tho thanks for all of the great ideas!!

We are spending the week prior at Discovery Cove/Seaworld and Universal, I may just do what DANA suggested!!:pinch: That is very hard for me because I am such a planner!!


I feel your pain about planning. Our entire trip is whatever and whenever this time. We don’t know when we are leaving, what we are doing, no ADRs, and when we are going to which parks when. We don’t have a list of must do’s either.
I do think that one day would be good to revist the parks to hit the rides you missed or want to redo. Heck how about 4 parks in 1 day. Hit 2 or 3 rides in each park, snack and move on to the next. First park has MEMH and last one has EEMH. The second free day sleep in and enjoy your resort until lunch and let your group decide what to do.


go to downtown disney they have great things to do