What smell takes you back?


What smells reminds you most of WDW?

For me right now it’s Laila perfume, it takes me right back to Epcot.


Not a smell, but a sound. I spend 40-50 hours a week on conference calls with my job. The hold music from my company’s conference call lines are the exact same theme song as played in Wilderness Lodge (the Magnificent Seven song). I can guaranty you that I log onto this site or a short list of other Disney sites because of that dang music.

Smell, there are several, but nothing like that music.


The bakery in the morning. I still remember that from our first trip as kids just after MK opened.


The musty smell of mildew. It’s all Pirates, baby! :laugh:


I know that smell! :laugh:


VERY good one! That smell is mildew with a hint of burnt hair! The best smell on earth!


The smell of bacon cooking in the morning. Reminds me when I get my first cup of coffee in the morning at the resort.


Apples…reminds me of Philharmagic.:wub:


The smell of humidity and pine in the morning. You know that smell when you open the door of your room as you head out for a day in the park.

Some mornings I get up and open the doors just to smell that…


I dont know what our ‘smell’ is but sometimes all three of us stop dead in our tracks and say “I smell America”! And let me tell you its the most beautiful, emotive, and best smell in the world!




So funny that you asked this question today. Yesterday, my sister and I were walking into Walmart and both of us stopped and looked at each other and yelled “Space Mountain!”. It smelled exactly like it and we both got giddy. :laugh:

When I’m watering my plants in the morning and walk down to our utility pole, it smells like BTMRR…I think it’s probably the flame resistant stuff they put on it or something. But, I deliberately walk down there all the time just to get a whiff. :happy:


Good smell - the Bakery on Main Street at the MK.:wub:

Not so Good smell - Casey’s Corner…


LailA perfume smells great as well as Bulgari from Italy. My favorite is the smell when I first step out of the car and smell the humidity at WDW. Also love the bakery smell in the morning…

makes me want to go…


What a nice thing to say Karen. :wub:

I have to agree with Tigger and Andrea. Plus, you know those rubber type mats they use in the elevators. Every now and then I smell those when I’m at our local mall. :confused:


I can’t really pin point the smell, but all I know is when I do smell it, I know its Disney!!

And, Dixie, awwweee!!!


We have this mandarin lime aromatherapy hand soap that reminds me of the Yacht club every time I use it. lol

We also have a ton of the H2O bath aquatics shampoos, conditioners and soaps that we break out from time to time… The smells definitely takes us back…


Orange scent. As soon as I smell an orange scent I’m immediately filled with visions of Soarin’. LOVE that smell. Also, the smell when you over the river scene and I close my eyes and see that scene and feel like dipping my toes in the water.


Haha, you hit the nail on the head!

I bought this “Citrus Magic Orange Air Freshener” that smells exactly like the orange scent in Soarin’! In fact, I’m convinced it’s exactly what Disney uses… lol It’s completely awesome.


Good one! I have so many H2O products right now that I’m forced to start using them. I have a tendency to try to save them but I have a whole bag that I’m working through right now. I also picked up a few larger bottles for later in the year when I’m really missing Disney. Nothing starts my day better than a little H2O shower gel.