What special experience should we do?


So we’re going back to WDW in May at the Kidani Village, 1 BR savannah view villa at ALK-can’t wait! We’ve been many times (my BF and I, no kids) but want to try something new and different next time. I’ve heard so many great experiences from fellow MBers, but I want to get everyone’s thoughts.
We have done the Keys to the Kingdom tour, so I’m not SUPER keen on doing another tour-if we did, it would be the LONG one that goes to all the parks. Since we’re staying at AKL, combined with Kilimanjaro Safari at AK, I don’t know that we would need to do the special tour. We’ve seen Fantasmic many times, but the idea of the dinner plan sounds cool.
I’m just a little torn and I have pros and cons for just about everything. Thanks for any advice!


Lunch with an Imagineer!!

And ask lots of questions!1

(and take LOTS of notes!!:laugh:)


I was torn between the Safari and lunch w/Imagineer, but I went with the Safari because you are staying at AKL and thought it would fit with the theme well.


I think it will fit with the theme well, too, but I also think that we may already be getting a lot of that type of experience, so maybe something different?? I dunno-I’m so torn!!:laugh:



I think it will fit with the theme well, too, but I also think that we may already be getting a lot of that type of experience, so maybe something different?? I dunno-I’m so torn!!:laugh:[/QUOTE]

If you feel that you might be overloaded with AK things, then certainly go with another experience. I would then say the lunch with Imagineer would be a great thing to do.

The surfing, you have to get up around 5am to get to the park. Its a little too early for us while on vacation. Our oldest DS :cool: said no way when he found out he had to get up that early!:laugh:

If you don’t want to do another type tour again, then that leaves the Fantasmic pkg, which IMHO, I had better seats without the package. They seat you on the far left side of the theater. It wasn’t that special for us.:mellow:

How about a guided fishing excursion? Or renting some of the water craft for an afternoon? We did the guided excursion last trip and loved it. The boys got it for Fathers Day for DH.:happy:

Or what about Cirque du Soleil? Fantastic show!!!:wub:

I’ll let you know if I can think of something else.


surfing for sure


ack, I made a mistake. I voted for the segway tour and should have voted for the lunch with an Imagineer. That would be so cool. Wishy has done it and liked it a lot. OHgosh, to pick an Imagineer’s brain :wink:


I’ve done most of the things on your list, with the exception of surfing, and I have to say my FAVORITE experience was dining with an Imagineer. It was such a small group, and there was constant personal attention. You could ask whatever questions you wanted, you got personalized name tags, a special gift, and it was just SOOO informative & fun! I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


Since you’re staying at the AKL I would go with the Safari. Given this is exclusive to your resort, too. All the others you can do no matter where you stay.


I picked this for the same reasons above!

BUT . . . I read that surfing is soon to be discontinued (I’ll have to find the info to post!) SO, if you REALLY want to do that . . . I’d book it!

All good choices . . . enjoy!


I chose the Epcot segway because DH and I would love to have an opportunity to do that. Someday when we go without the kids, we’re gonna do it!


I voted for lunch with an Imagineer because it’s a lot of fun. I recommend dinner over lunch, though, because Artist’s Point is nicer than the Brown Derby.

However, you might want to take advantage of being an AKL guest and go for the safari, especially if you don’t plan to stay there, again.


Thanks for the suggestions so far, folks! I can’t believe they are going to discontinue the surfing! If that is true, we will most likely do that, only because we can do another one some time in the future. AKL is our “home resort” for DVC, so we will probably have the opportunity to do the safari again.
Question though-you can do lunch OR dinner with an imagineer? And lunch is at the Brown Derby and dinner is at Artist Point? Does it ever change, or always at one of those two restaurants? I didn’t know that dinner was an option-good to know.


I voted for the EPCOT Segway tour - how fun does that sound, you going around the park on a segway! I also think EPCOT has a lot of great little details that a lot of ppl overlook.


I voted for the Epcot Segway tour. my Dh has done it and loved it. He also liked the Fort Wilderness tour.


I voted for surfing… how unusual!

But be warned – you have to get up very EARLY!


Ogh, we also enjoyed bass fishing on Seven Seas Lagoon. There are a ton of fish, our bass pro CM was terrific, and we had a great day. The photos turned out so well!


They’re always at the same restaurant, however I believe they only do them once every other week (or at least for dinner… dinner and lunch might alternate each week idk). I was lucky enough to be there the right week.


The behind the scenes tour.


I chose lunch with an Imagineer…I just think that would be interesting to experience.

If you choose to do surfing though, just a word of warning. I took surfing lessons before (at Cocoa Beach) and you HURT afterwards. Not because of being out of shape, but you just get tossed around quite a bit. If you do that, I’d say do it your last day!