What stands out in Disney more than anywere else


When we went there Christmas 2006. Everyone including castmembers all said Merry Christmas. They were not affraid to say what it was not Happy Holiday or something politically correct.


Huh? :huh: I am just thankful that any stranger is polite enough to wish me a ‘whatever’ (Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc…). I would have never questioned why they said one or the other, but that’s just me. :laugh:


I think what stands out the most to me is the overwhelming amount of CMs that are HAPPY!! Where else can you go to find so many employees so HAPPY to do their job, no matter what it is? While we’ve all had experiences with those few not-so-disney-like CMs, their customer service far above that of any other corporation on this planet.


Everything is so thought-out and planned. Disney strives to make your stay wonderful, and it is apparent in everything they do. From the character greetings and creatively themed rides to the clean restrooms, happy cast members, and talking trash cans, Disney will give nothing but the best.

(Hey… that would work as a great thesis statement… too bad I’m not writing a paper about Disney parks!)


I know what you are saying! I enjoyed hearing Christmas music and so forth at the parks. I realized that it had been a long time since I had heard Christmas music being played publicly.

I should explain: When I was a kid, my best friend was Jewish, and our families celebrated both religions’ holidays together – we said “Merry Christmas!” to them, and they said “And a Happy Hannukah to you!” And we really were sharing and celebrating our different backgrounds and we loved it all! Now, it seems a shame that everything has to be a generic “Happy Holidays” all the time because someone might get offended. I have often wanted to say, “C’mon people! Let’s celebrate ALL of it, instead of NONE of it! Our differences are cool and wonderful, and we should rejoice in them!” :wub:


Couldn’t agree with you more LittleMiss. After 12 trips to WDW, I’m still surprised at how clean the restrooms are.


DITTO!:mickey: :mickey:


CENTER]DITTO![/CENTER]:mickey: :mickey:

It felt more like Christmas there than home.


Speaking from my heart. Perfectly said.


I have to agree with you. Even after all of our run-ins with the nasty CMs there, the overwhelming majority of them are happy. :biggrin: It’s a shame almost sometimes when you do run into the nasty ones, they make a big impression because it is so unexpected. :sad:




I love the attention to detail! For instance, there is a song sheet on the desk of the video room in the Tower of Terror. I can’t remember the title or lyrics, as I didn’t take a photo. I do remember that it had everything to do with Mickey Mouse, though. That’s not something that everyone is going to notice, but someone took time to create it and add it to the decor. It’s that attention to detail that makes the overall experience complete!


They Make you feel like family at the parks…hellos…how is your day…where you from…etc


Well there are lots of things. It’s all in the details. One of my favorites is how fresh all the flowers are.


The CM are not only the happiest employees they are overwhelmingly the most helpful. I lost count of how many CM came up to me while I was looking at my park map trying to decide where to go and offered directions and suggestions. One man was just sweeping up the street and came over to see if he could help. Disney is the only place this would happen.


WOW… so nice to see a POSITIVE thread about how GREAT Disney really is. Here of late… there seems to be a lot about Disney Greed & people unhappy with Disney.


Disney is and always be the HAPPIEST place on Earth to me. It would take something HUGE to change my mind. Everyone you meet there is so happy from CM to visitors :laugh: :blush: :cool: :laugh: :mickey:


oh, I can’t wait to be HAPPY~! (at DW in November)

Gm High Feature Engine


Its one vacation that I actually come back rested from. It seems to me like so many “vacations” I have gone on I come back more tired than I left. I love the fact that even on crowded days it seems very relaxing.


For me it the happy/magical feeling I have when I’m in a park. I don’t feel that anywhere else.