What sweet snack in Epcot should not be missed?


What is your favorite sweet treat in Epcot? I tried the Cream Horn in Norway on our last visit due to so many rave reviews here and it did not disappoint. What should I try this time?


The patisserie in France has some lovely pastries and cakes- very delicate and very delicious!


I was going to suggest the Cloudberry Cream Horn - but evidently I must have mentioned that before!:laugh:

We love the baklava from Tangerine Cafe. And the Napoleon from Boulangerie is messy, but delicious. Very occasionally (because it is so huge) we’ll share a funnel cake. They are so rich though, I can only eat a small bit of it.


coconut cream tart in Norway I get one every time we come off the ride lol I LOVE that ride. :laugh:


Good gracious. They all sound wonderful. Do you ahve to just choose one? You are walking about 6-7 miles per day…


The cheese cake from Germany. So smooth and delicious. YUM!!!


Cannolli in Italy :heart::heart::heart:, or Churros in Mexico


The Napoleon at the pastisserie is the freshest & best I’ve ever had. It’s the only dessert I make sure to have everytime I go now.


The fruit tart at Sunshine Seasons! Yummmmmmmmmmm


This. It’s a full meal stop for us, a toasted ham and cheese croissant followed by any dessert in the shop. Yep, that’s the stuff dreams are made of.


The World Showcase is a little over a mile around, so yes we walk about 6 or 7 miles. :wink: :smile:


I’ll second the Napoleon from France - delish!

also, Strawberry Shortcake from Sunshine Seasons is a fave!


also, Strawberry Shortcake from Sunshine Seasons is a fave![/QUOTE]

Ohhh! yes! Extremly yummy!:wub:


OMG, I need to make a list it seems with the Napolean topping that list. Nothing with coconut though, I can’t stand coconut.


We love the baklava from Tangerine Cafe…A DEFINITE SEVERAL TIMES A TRIP FOR US


Majorly kicking myself right now for ever looking at this thread. I didn’t realize there were so many treats I haven’t tried at Epcot, and now I want them all!

I will second the Napoleon recommendation. Sooo yummy.


The Soarin’ (orange) creme brulee at Sunshine Seasons.

Others will say schoolbread from Norway or chocolate criossants from France.
I felt the cannoli offered from the Italy espresso cart were just OK, meaning, nothing special.


If it ain’t a New York cheesecake, it ain’t a cheesecake!

We don’t wan’t cottage cheese or riccota!
And no sour cream either!!
WE DEMAND 100% CREAM CHEESE (or neufchatel in a pinch):mickey:


and beer… all the above and beer.


We always have to get the Schoolbread from Norway and a Churro from Mexico. Sounds like I need to try the Napoleon now too!