What to book...what not to book, that is the question!


This will be our second trip on the DP and last time, we booked almost every table service meal in advance but found it easy enough to swap some around when we got there and even make completly different ones.

Going in Sept this year, would we be safe doing the same thing? We will be making ADR’s for O’Hanas, Backyard BBQ and possible Hoop De Doo, but would also like to eat at Rose & Crown, Raglan Road, Crystal Palace, 1900 Park Fare, Boma & Hollywood an Vine. Would we be better off making some ressies for these before we go or could we chance making them as we go once we are there?

Im thinking Sept won’t be a busy time of year but with free dining I think we still might need to make the ADR’s this side of the pond.

((Also any other dining reccomendations are VERY welcome!))


I made all ours for September already and had exactly what I asked for- so what I’m saying is it seems fairly quiet (at the moment) so you might be OK to do your ressies when you’re there.
We are booking Backyard BBQ via concierge at the resort as we have always done it this way.


We usually go from the end of August and into Sept. and we always make reservations in advance. But ofcourse, I’m sure I have a much larger party then the average! We have 12-14 people when we go! With lots of little ones! So I always make sure I make the ressies in advance, just in case! I say it’s better to be safe and get what you want, then to be sorry, and not! :laugh:

But, from experience with being at disney on the CP, there are places you can just walk up to and put your name in, and then there’s some places you just really can’t.

If I were you, I personally would make ressie’s for atleast 1900 and CP (especially if it’s a breakfast you plan on!). Maybe Boma too. Although I’ve never eaten there so Idk how they fill up.

Ohh! And dining recommendations are my favorite! I really love 50s PTC, delicious and adorable! But if you are looking for a more specific idea of dinning recommendations here is a forum going around now thats really easy to see what everyone likes!



We booked ours pretty late this time (only about a month and a half before our dates) as my friend’s parents picked the dates and couldn’t decide until just recently. We managed to get everything we wanted except Boma which was fine because we had a huge list of places to try. Though it’s usually just easier to book them in advance to be sure, you probably wouldn’t have a problem switching around once it gets a bit closer if you decide to change your mind. I kept worrying that we weren’t going to get what we wanted because they were taking so long but I was pleasantly surprised.


I had adrs set for every day on our last trip. Too stressful! We always had to stop what we were doing (and was usually having a really good time, so didn’t want to stop) and leave to get to our adrs on time. Decided in the future to maybe have one or two adrs for a “must have” meal, but then go with the flow for the rest. That way we could eat when we were really ready. Of course, you have to have a plan B, C and D if you can’t get into the restuarant you want, but to me, I’m okay with that seeing Disney offers so many wonderful choices.


Personally, I would go ahead and book all of the character meals. They seem to fill up the quickest.

I have found it nearly impossible to book Ohana last-minute. Last year, we went for Labor Day and I booked our ADRs three days before, and I did luck out with 1900 Park Fare and CP, but Ohana anc Chef Mickey’s were completely booked.

So if you only make one ADR now, make it Ohana! :laugh:


Make the ressie’s and you know you have something. If you can wheel and deal when you get there you have the best of both worlds.
If oyu are going to deal after arrival 3 of our favorites are Bistro de Paris, upstairs in France, Narcoossee’s and Citricos @ GF and Artist Point @ WL. Bistro can be a little expensive if you go all the way or if you have a large group, but the food and service is outstanding. We never miss Bistro when we are in FL.


I book it all in advance and then when the day arrives, depending upon how I feel, I might try to change a reservation. Sometimes I have no problem switching and other times, it’s no luck.