What to do 1st day?


I orginally planned on arriving in Orlando in the late afternoon and going to DTD for dinner. An earlier flight opened up so we are now getting into Orlando at 9:30 am. I’m going back and forth between going to BB then DTD for dinner and saving the parks for the next day or heading right to MK. We have always gone to MK first so it seems wrong not to! But its grad night and it closes at 7pm so it might be a waste of a 1 day ticket. What would you do?


I gotta say Kiz, Hit the MK. It’s vacation - it’s disney. Get a park hopper - go to MK, leave for dinner and then go somewhere else.


I agree with Boss. Start your trip off in the park that you always do. :wub:


as long as you can hop to another park, I say go for it.


Hit the ground running, and head straight for the Magic Kingdom! :cool: :mickey:


It only costs a few dollars to add a extra day to MYW tickets so I say go where you want to go. We alos always start our trips off at MK but this trip we are going to let our DS pick what we do the first day. He doesn’t know we’re going so I’m going to have to wait until we are at the airport to find out what we are doing when we arrive.


:huh: I agree with the others. Get a park hopper and do it all. It’s VACATION TIME!!!


I would still go to MK and then hop to another park! We usally go there first too, but for the first two days we will be going to Sea World. :happy:


If you are getting into Orlando at 9:30 am, I imagine you’ll be up pretty early that morning.

If it were me (us), we’d do more relaxing and maybe hit DTD.

Have a great trip!!


I forgot to explain part of the diliema, we are staying 12 days and have 10 day tickets. The orginal plan included 1 rest/water park day so I’ll have to take away another park day somewhere. I really want to go right to MK then hop over to EPCOT for Illuminations, I wish you could get 11 day tickets!


Oh Yes! Probably around 4am! That is why my orginal plans were to take it easy the 1st day and head out nice and relaxed on day 2.


I say keep your plans ‘as is’, like you originally were going to do - the DtD for dinner, etc., since you’ll have been up for so long.

I’m not sure which resort you’re staying at - but, it would be a great time to explore your resort, and maybe do the monorail loop to all the deluxes.

If that just WON’T do, then you simply MUST go to the MK, BUT, that does eat up a chance to do the ‘all day’ thing, later on in the week.

Either way, 10 days in the parks is ALOT of time in the parks :c)


I think I’m going to hyperventilate at the mere thought of not knowing what the plan is going to be! :laugh:

And I agree, with Erin. Go with the original plan. Maybe ride the monorail and wave at MK as you go by!


Why not check in then go to where ever the 1st bus takes you?

Other than the ME bus back to the airport. :wink:


We always go to a park on our first day but this trip we are not. We have AP’s so we could go anywhere but we are going to enjoy a down day at our resort on our first day and then to Ohanas for dinner. Then we will hit the parks! :mickey: