What to do before you go home?


Just looking for some ideas to do on the day we fly out. Our flight leaves at 4:50pm, so ME will pick us up around 2ish. We’re staying at WL, but wondering what you would do with the last remaining hours with a couple of tots!!
Maybe MK one last time?!?!


We always seem to have early flights home…but if we didn’t have to be ready until 2:00 we would probably hit MK one last time. You could always hit the pool. Keep a change of clothes with you and a plastic bag for yor wet bathing suits for the trip home.


MK is a great idea since you are so close by at the WL.

DTD is another option that a lot of people use, since they are usually all out of park passes by the last day.


Funny, Miss SMIG and I have already discussed this… our flight our is at 7pm.
So with that said, this is what we decided to do… MGM has Early hours, so Miss SMIG and I will be going for the rope drop – I am excited.
We have 11am ADR @ Supercalifragilistic Breakfast after breakfast we are going back to the hotel to check out and get our luggage taken care of, and will either spend the remainder of the day either at the pool or in DTD or maybe even go play some mini golf…


We always have early flights out unfortunately but if I was staying at WL and had a morning and afternoon I would probably rent one of those little boats on Bay Lake or do the Parasailing by the Contemporary. That would be a fun way to end a vacation!


We finish up packing and leave the hotel at check-out time and then go to a character breakfast (on the late side). Next year we will be going to the 1900 Park Fare breakfast at the GF. Since no meals are served on the flight home, we like a nice filling meal b/f leaving. Even though it seems like you have all day, the time goes by fast and this is all we ever seem to be able to fit in. Another option is to hang out by the WL pool till its time to leave.


I vote for DTD or mini golf…I’ve done both on my last day!


I cry - alot

(Is the message long enough now?)


me too Boss Mouse … its always the last thing I do … look back at the resort … crying and hating the person that is checking in to my room or like in Dec … my campsite…

The last day blues … hit the park that is least crowded … or hit all the parks, wish I was not leaving … a few times … wish it so much I have extended it by a day / night.


Depending on the time of our flight, which is normally to early to do anything, we usually hit DTD for a last shop and visit.


Sleep in, late breakfast, maybe rent a boat for a spin around the lake.

Late breakfast would work for you then a mid afternoon lunch in the food court at the airport.


This time we were picked up by Magical Express at 4:55pm and we were staying at the GF. We checked-out, dropped our stuff with bell services and went to the MK. We had lunch, rode a few rides, and saw a few shows. I got my picture taken with Buzz and Stitch (yay!) and around 3:30-4pm we went back to the hotel.

Since you’re at WL you might be able to do something similar or if you don’t have park tickets for that day, you could go to DTD and browse.


we always get so melancholy the last day but we try to atill make the most of it. Usually we will go to a park~ usually MK~ to get one last soak up of the castle. We did spend one last day at DT and Marketplace but that just resulted in me spending even more and carrying more things to airport! not a good plan I’m telling ya!:ohmy: :laugh:


We ALWAYS rent a boat and take in that last of WDW and the views and relax before heading out to the airport.

Lisa :mickey:


We always hit every park again on our last full day! AND - I always feel sad when we check out and see new families checking in! :crying:


see admit it …you hate those people that check in to your room …you wanna go toss them out !!! The very idea that someone else is just checking in and just starting the magic brings out the worst in me!!!


I have been doing early morning flights that last two trips,so I don’t do anything but roll out of bed and go to the airport. I use to do an afternoon flight. Me And my DD use to spend our last few hours of WDW riding RnR and TOT!


We’re renting to little boats earlier in the trip, but another day could be doable. Also, tickets are not an issue. Our AP’s end on our last day, 9/30, & since we won’t be back for at least 2 years ( according to DW!), I’d like to go out big! That’s one of the reasons we ditched the free dining at POFQ for the AP rate at WL!


For our last trip last year (and first ever flight) I know we finished packing up and bringing it downstairs for ME. Then we took a bus over to Whispering Canyon Cafe and had a big blowout breakfast. There were 9 of us (me, DH, our two boys ages 8 & 9 at the time, DSIL, DBIL, their son age 9 and MIL and StepFIL). It gave us a chance to finally sit down and talk about our full week that we all just experienced. It was the first time eating there for any of us, so it was a great dining experience as well. Loved it. Will probably do it again next time and probably hopefully make it a tradition for years to come. After breakfast we just walked around the hotel and gift shop. Then we went back to our hotel (ASMovies) and browsed the gift shop one last time. (Just don’t buy too much stuff on your last day 'cause you have no where to put it since your luggage is already packed in the bus, so you’ll have to carry it all with you).


We always have a late flight and on our last trip we went to Disney Quest and had a great time. Since its indoors you won’t get all sweaty or have to change before your flight.