What to do, what to do?


Now that we are booked club level at AKL I’m rethinking my ADRs. We are on the DDP. I was thinking of dropping Boma and one other and booking Hoop Dee Doo instead. Since we are club level we will be able to sample Boma food in the evenings anyway and this would give us one day of no ADR but we could take full advantage of the lounge that day. What are your thoughts? The only reason I booked Boma was because we are staying at AKL and it seems silly not to try it since we are there.


I think it’s a good idea…in the past few years I’ve opted for two credit restaurants - and we have a table service every other night. For us it’s more than enough and the food is usually a notch up. If you have access to Boma food, then you probably don’t need to eat there too. Having a day when you have no obligation to get anywhere is always a good idea.


I agree. We plan and schedule most of our days but a totally free day is always nice.


As long as you have access to Boma at the Club level, then good idea to drop it. But, I have to tell you, the minute you walk into Jambo house, you will be smelling all the spices and cookings of Boma, it just draws you in. At some point, we always give into the aromas and go there. The food tastes just as good as the smells!!!


I strongly recommend Boma’s breakfast buffet, but consider paying OOP and conserving the credit.
You owe it to yourself, at least once.
And just because you have access to Boma food does not mean you’re going to get a wide variety. You’ll only be given a small sample. Also, many times club levels will get from two restaurants if there are two. At Boardwalk, it used to be one or two things from Flying Fish and one or two things from Spoodles (I’ll assume it’s now Kouzzina).
I think when we were AKL club level, it was a selection or two from Jiko and one or two from Boma at dinnertime.
It could even be desserts from one and food from the other.

What I’m saying is, be ready for variations from what you’ve heard in the past.


We love club level and have stayed there several times. There really isn’t a large selection from Boma in the lounge- you really need to eat in the restaurant.