What to do with the 5 crowns?


I know this is like way early to even be thinking about this but I was sitting in my room this afternoon bored as a doornail looking at my drawing of 50th Anniversary SBC and started to think…What is Disney going to do with the 5 crowns after the 50th ends? And then I started to think what Disney should do with them for a while after the 50th ends. I was thinking it would be so cool if Disney put them on display somewhere in the resort so everyone could get a close up eyes view of them and such. This would be a great opportunity for me to capture some good upclose pictures of them so I could do some extremely detailed drawings of them. I was also thinking about how they could save them and maybe even do something with them when Disneyland’s 100th Anniversary rolls around. What do you all think Disney should do with them once their through with them?


I pretty much agree with you! I personally think they should display them in nice cases in the DL gallery, they can even be on some beautiful velvet pillow. In 50 years have a ceremony to romove them from the cases and use them for the 100th anniversary!


I would love if they put them on display! I got some great pictures of them on the castle when I was there in December, but I would love some close up photos!


Maybe I can get some upclose photos with my zoom in June. The DL isn’t THAT big. I’ll do the best I can.


I got some close up ones of them. I guess I was meaning pictures of just the crowns. :pinch: Or wouldn’t it be fun to get your picture taken with a crown? I’ll be there in June also so I can get even more pics!


I was thinking they’d just sell them on Ebay like everything else, they’d probably sell for a LOT! But it would be much better to display them, and save them for the 75th, or even the 100th.