What to do with the discount?


I got lucky today - the Disney Visa discount was applied to my trip :goofybounce: :goofybounce:
I had to move from POFQ back to POR, where we originally had the ressy until I changed that last Friday - but I love it at POR, it was meant to be for me to be at that resort.
I saved $ 600.00. I am so happy.
So now I am contemplating doing something special one night. We are already doing the MVMCP, but I am all for spending some more on something special :biggrin:
Got any ideas?


No big ideas, but congrats on the big savings! I’m sure that you can come up with something to splurge on… :happy:



Victoria and Albert’s?

OR you could get me a flight down to have dinner with you! :laugh:


You could take me as your personal WDW advisor…$600 should cover it…lol
Kidding my dear. I think you and your DH should have a nice dinner and send the boys to DQ.


How exciting! Maybe a special dinner show like Hoop-de-Doo or Mickey’s Backyard BBQ.

Or how about a show like La Nouba?


Dana, I think I can do that and won’t get any complaints from TheBoyzz.

La Nouba - I have been kicking that idea around. I wonder. How long is that show. I know my boys won’t be interested, but again, I can send them to DQ and they’d be overjoyed


La Nouba is 90 minutes and there is a 15 minute pre show.


How old are the boys? There is really great “trick” bike riding, trampoline and a lot of strength and skill like acts boys will LOVE.

My girls are 3 & 7 and the ACTIVE 3 year old sat memorized for the whole 90 minutes!

It is an AWESOME show . . . we loved it! :wub:


La Nouba is fabulous, and I think your boys might love it as much as y’all will! Wow, what a show. If you decide to give it a try, buy the second-priced seats, and get there a little early for the pre-show!


… or maybe you could apply it to your park passes and extend it to a full 10 days plus water parks, and add the no-expire option so you don’t have to buy park passes next time!

… or take a cookie-baking pal with you!!!


The boys will turn 14 on our trip.

They roll their eyes when Bravo shows all of the Cirque du soleil shows and I watch. I think they’ll be happy with DQ, it’s one of the things I entice them with to make them go with me to WDW


I say you and your DH go to dinner at portabello’s and drop the kids at DQ…you could always mosey over to PI for an hour before picking them up. I had a great exeperience with leaving the kids there. The cell phone doesn’t always reach them inside that place, so set a meet time in the gift shop.


OK, the boys are 14 so this is what you need to do with the $600…

Leave them to their own devices for a couple hours one evening and hire the Grand Floridian yacht (the Grand 1) to cater your own personal dinner on the lake during the Magic Kingdom fireworks. I think you can do this for $400-$500.


ohhhhhh, that is really special and would make for a great 28th anniversary to-do, wouldn’t it?
Where can I find info on that one? That official Disney site is so convoluted and not very helpful with stuff like that. They hide the good stuff :pinch:


I got’cha… hold tight.


407 - WDW - play I think…not positive.


This is what I found…

A Private Sunset Cruise Aboard the Grand 1 Yacht
Surprise your sweetie with an intimate dinner at sunset, served aboard the 44-foot Grand 1 Yacht. This VIP experience on the waters of the Seven Seas Lagoon near the Magic Kingdom is the ultimate luxury. The Grand Floridian private-dining staff can provide culinary sensations such as caviar, fresh fruit, a gourmet dinner, sumptuous pastries, and fine wines. A personal butler is onboard at all times to cater to your every need. And, if you time it right, you?ll be on the water as the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks extravaganza expodes over Cinderella Castle. The voyage is $300 per hour, to book this romantic cruise, call (407) 824-2439.


PS: I just noticed that they referred to the “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks show so that information may be a little outdated. Call the number, what the heck. Maybe they have some sort of package or something you can work out for that exact amount. Never hurts to ask.


Grand1 Specialty Cruise
Indulge in the ultimate party aboard the grand 45 foot yacht, the Grand1. Call 407-824-2682† for reservations.


Oooop, wait. Dopey, this may be a little easier on the budget and still sounds cool.

Romantic Cruises and Speed-Demon Adventures
Maybe a 1930s runabout is more your style style? Then come aboard the Breathless ? an antique ChrisCraft speedboat ? and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon adventure or an evening drenched in moonlight, champagne, and fireworks. Afternoon 10-minute excursions are about $25, and half-hour cruises are $70 for up to seven people. For $175, up to seven guests can take a V.I.P. Fireworks Cruise (45 to 50 minutes) for an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind view of “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.” The craft travels across Crescent Lake to Epcot for the nightly fireworks, sound, and laser show. Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance by calling (407) 824-2621.

AND… you’ll have some $ leftover so you can do this beforehand!

Dinner on the Beach
Don?t want to spend the evening in a noisy restaurant with a bunch of kids? Instead, Disney?s Grand Floridian can prepare a romantic gourmet meal for two and serve it under the stars at a private table set on the beach overlooking Seven Seas Lagoon. To make a reservation, call (407) WDW-DINE.