What to do without kids?


I’m almost embarrassed to say that we are leaving DS behind this trip, but we are. It took alot of pondering do do this, but after talking to a number of people, we decided it’s just not a great idea to take DS out of school next year. (He will be starting a new school - grade 7 is considered high school here, & it’s going to be a lot for him to adjust to as it is, without missing a week & a half.) We thought about not going at all, since it wasn’t really planned, but with free dining, & considering how much we need a holiday, we jumped on the idea. I’m actually kind of looking forward to an adult only holiday.:blush: What do you all suggest we do that might make our trip more enjoyable? Maybe something romantic or something that we just wouldn’t think about if DS was with us. We are pondering golf but that’s all that comes to mind.


good question and easy to answer. We left our boys behind they are in 9th grade and couldn’t possibly miss any days of school.
Mike and I had the most fun, just like we did when we were first married and visited DL alone.
In January we opted for the deluxe dining plan so that we could try out all the signature restaurants. We could stay out longer at night and visit bars we could not go to with the boys.
We still did all the rides, because that’s a major part of my Disney trips anyway.
You’ll like going without kids so much, you’ll never take your son again, heehee


You’ll like going without kids so much, you’ll never take your son again, heehee[/QUOTE]



My DH and I are doing the same thing. we are going in august for our 40th b-days. the kids will home with my mother who is coming in from Hawaii. i posted a similar question about what others thought about leaving the kids home. most all said go for it. I say the say thing to you. GO FOR IT!!! and don’t look back. enjoy your time together. you’ll be better parents after taking time out for your marriage. when are you going? i think i’ll steel some ideas from your replies.


go and do a tour. like the segway tour in epcot.


You’ll love it! We don’t have any kids (yet…just one on the way) and we have been to Disney many times! We eat a lot, take our time, sleep late and stay up and enjoy late late night EMH’s when all the kiddos have gone back to the resorts to sleep.


We took a childless trip last August - it was phenomenal. We did the Segway Tour a Epcot, it was the highlight of our trip. We also did the Key to the Kingdom Tour, which was really good. Whatever you plan to do, you’ll have an AWESOME time.


Lets see….
1- Walk around aimlessly without a care in the world (no pun intended).
2- Do what you want, when you want, and only if you want to do it.
3- Sleep in after you stayed up late after a romantic evening walking through the park with nighttime EMH (Animal Kingdom is great for this, it is so peaceful).
4- Pass up a ride and not feel guilty from the long faces staring up at you.
5- See a side of WDW that you never see without kids.
6- Take time to smell the roses or other fauna.
7- Go down that trail you always wanted to but did not because of time constraints.
8- But most importantly take time to act like you just started dating. Others will be jealous seeing how much fun just the 2 of you are having.

The last time we went without kids we treated ourselves to a wonderful dinner at Bistro de Paris in Epcot WS (above Chef’s de France). We did the Menu Degustation. 4 courses and wine pairings. You can look it up in Allears. We have not done V&A at GF yet but the bar has been set high as our best meal in WDW. We were so full we spent 2 hours walking around the Epcot resort lake afterwards before calling it a night. I highly recommend looking into this option on the DP.


I am a big fan of Victoria & Alberts! If you are a foodie, try to book the Chef’s table!! Go see Cirque. Do what ever comes to you!! Have a relaxed time. It is wonderful with kids, but sooooo different and great without!!


What can a couple do in WDW without children, simple…

Whatever the heck you want!


Suggestions can run the gamete; spa treatments at the Grand Floridian or Saratoga Springs spas, a fancy dinner at Victoria & Alberts, walkin’ the Polynesian beach at night & staring at the stars on the hammocks, plan a ‘DtD date night’ with tickets to La Nouba & dinner at Wolfgang’s, rent a watercraft at the Beach Club & sail around the EPCOT resort area, heck you could even do a ‘private dining’ experience on the Grand Floridian yacht if you wanted to.


We’ve not yet done a trip without kids (it’s coming soon though), but we always do a Date Night. In the past it would be a nice Signature dinner somewhere, with as much time alone as we could get away with give the ages of the boys.

This year, we’ve maxed out our ADR bookings and don’t really want to change them, so we taking an evening to just stroll through Epcot FW… a sip of wine here… a little bite there… and there… and there… I’m really looking forward to it, it’s always so hard to slow the boys down it will be nice just to go with the flow.


Without the kids…PARTY!! Seriously, take the advice from others here and really enjoy your spouse. The kids will be fine, take the time to connect with your DH.


You should not be embarrasses about leaving DS behind:ph34r: you should be ashamed of yourself !!:laugh::laugh: only kidding:laugh::wub:

What to do without kids - simple have the time of your life.

Narcosses take the boat from hollywood studios (or was it epcot)its romantic as the sun sets- watch the fireworks sit on the deck

jellyrolls piano bar for a fun night out ( got to be honest I’ve never been- but i will be there in September) www.jellyrolls.us - JellyrollsThe Hottest Dueling Piano Bar in FloridaLocated on the Boardwalk in Walt Disney World*(n

Grab a ice cream at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom then grab a seat and watch people…

drink your way around the world show case

fill up a photo pass CD with loads of photos of you both

hope you have a fab time :heart::wub:


We always go childless, as we don’t have kids, and we have the time of our lives! Now that we don’t go commando any more, we sleep in late, take our time in the parks, sit and watch people having a great time, and do what we want to do when we want to do it. We enjoy the night life (still sad that PI is no more) but go to Jelly Rolls every trip, or find a quiet bar/ lounge to sit in and relax. We also try and do at least 2 signature restaurants every trip.


We had an “adults-only” trip last fall when DW had a conference in Orlando and I tagged along. We don’t regret it a bit…it was great AND helped us have a great time, motivating us even more to take the kids back for wonderful memories. We did the Deluxe Dining Plan as was already mentioned and enjoyed it ALOT. It definitely allowed us to try some new restaurants without the kids and see if we like them and/or go to more ‘adult’ restaurants and have more romantic meals (such as California Grill). We worked 1 TS and 1 Sig/2xTS meal per day and it worked out well. I also managed to do some resort sight-seeing on DW’s last conference day. It was great to walk and stroll through the various resorts we had never visited and get ideas for once we want to try and stay out of future trips. I also agree with the suggestions for DtD experiences such as Raglan Road and Cirque…they are great without kids as well. One more…don’t forget about DisneyQuest! They had an entire room packed with “historical” video games from our past…Pac-man, DonkeyKong, QBert, Arkanoid, Joust, Dig-Dug, just to name a few…it really took me back. And don’t forget to ride the rides if you enjoy them…it was one of my DWs favorite things to do since we always have to do the parent-swap normally…I think our ride on Primeval Whirl was our personal favorite…we still laugh about it!


These ideas are all so awesome. We will be making a list from the suggestions. Thanks everyone!