What to do?


plannning is the fun part right? DH and DS are wanting to do the jet skis at downtown disney DD doesnt want to so any good ideas for something that I can do for her for about an hour? She is 10 and likes “girlie” things, she also likes horses and any other animal she can find.:happy: I considered the horseback riding but we can do that at home so I was hoping to find something that she would enjoy that she hasnt done. Any Ideas would be great Thanks


Did you want to do something out of the ordinary, or just spend some quality time together? Does she like to shop? You could just have a special shopping time for the two of you, plan to get her a special bracelet or handbag or something like that. I know I did that with my girls recently, went shopping at a nice shop for Vera Bradley hipsters, and it was one of the most fun times we’ve had together.

I don’t know much about anything else but shopping at DT Disney, so can’t help you there.


I’ve never seen a jet ski at DTD… they do rent small boats, though.

The shopping there is great- your daughter would love TrenD

TrenD | Walt Disney World Resort


I agree about shopping…I’m betting that would make her feel really special if she’s anything like my 10yo daughter. :wink:

If she’s not into shopping, maybe the helium balloon ride?


i agree, the shopping at dtd is great and i’m sure a 10 year old would love it! i think mom and daughter time at dtd would be great! so much to see and do. have fun!!!


also, bibbiddi bobbiddi boutique is at dtd. i don’t know if she is too old for the whole princess thing but even so, she could have her hair done and her nails painted…just a thought.


That is a great idea. My DD did that last year and it was alot of fun and definitly makes you feel special.


This is our 3rd year in a row for BBB, it is great. She would love it. Even at 10 it can be a ton of fun for her.


Would she enjoy the Princess Tea Party at the GF. DS wouldn’t :laugh: so I don’t know much about it, but I have seen it mentioned it here or there.