What to pack and how much for 8days?


I know the weather can be very crazy during this time of year Dec18-26th.

I was going to try and pack some items for the trip that are summer like but to be honest don’t know how much of it to pack?? I have a swim suit for them but that is it!

How many shorts , short sleeve shirt etc etc??

I AM NOT DOING LAUNDRY for once in my life!:laugh: :wub:

I thought as I pull out fall and pack summer I can pack it right into the suitcase!
It will stillbe fresh enough for Decembers trip won’t it ?? Or do you think I need to run it through the wash AGAIN!??

Thanks everyone for help!


[B]ummm, i would throw it through the wash again before i left, but i’m a little freaky like that :laugh:

how much of everything to pack? well, i would bring light clothes that could be layered and a jacket. in this way, you’ll be covered, literally :blush: . you can throw a sweatshirt jacket over a t-shirt and shorts for a chilly day. bring like 2 pairs of jeans on the chance that you run into a few particularly chilly nights.[/B]


December is so hard to pack for. We went in Dec. in 2001 and 02, both early in Dec… I can’t remember which was which, but one year we were able to wear all summer clothes, the other we had to wear our jackets during the day several times. Wasn’t bad though.


I would pack a little of everything… of course… I am a last minute packer so I would be watching the 10 day forcast to see what the temps were going to be like.


I was hoping you would not of said that:laugh: :laugh: I figured I would have to but hoping beyond hope:laugh: . It would be REALLY wrinkled if i did not wash it again besides not beign "fresh ". I am kinda weird about that too.


well I guess the best thing to do is pack a variety and then buy what we may need good grief… kinda like when you see the TODAY SHOW throw a wedding …pack for all climates before they know were they are going!


I think I would wash everything again too. If you get to WDW and everything is kind of musty and funky, you will be doing laundry on vacation!!
I think the best advice is to bring stuff that you can layer. You will need NOTHING like you need in Wisconsin that time of year, but it can be chilly.


One year we went in January and it was in the 50’s/60’s during the day. Like you said, coming from Wisconsin, that was nice weather for January, but we had to laugh. While we were comfy in our light jackets, alot of the cm’s were wearing wool hats and gloves. :laugh:


pack for 4 days and then buy lots of souvenier shirts and do a load of wash… he he he


The last time I was in WDW in December was in '93, so my memory is a little foggy. It seems like we wore shorts and short sleeve shirts the majority of our time there. However, it turned pretty chilly by the time we left, and I do remember walking around Epcot in jeans and a sweatshirt and wishing I had brought a jacket with me too. I’d play it safe and pack a few things for warm weather and a few things for chilly days too.


That is kinda funny you bring this up…I am helping a co-worker start to plan a trip for 2009 and trying to teach her how to pack. :smiley: You can look at this whole thing one of two ways.

First if you want to pull on 2 suitecases per person pack 8 days of clothes for cool-summer time and then add in like 2 jeans, sweetshirts, and coats. but then you will not have alot of room for the bring backs.

or the second way you can look at it is yes you would have to do a little landry but you could pack cool-summer things for 4 days and add a pair of jeans and sweetshirt and long sleeve shirt. one morning take 2 hours before going to the park and play in the pool and do the landry. this way each person has their own suitecase and then one extra one for the little (or BIG) bring backs.

As far as packing now you can do that one of two ways also. first pack non wrinkle things and toss in a few dryer sheets…this will keep them smelling fresh and such. this is what i do sometimes…but then again my bags are always packed for disney. :smiley: and secondly you could just get a tote and toss the stuff in that you are going to take. put the tote in your room so no extra stuff is put in or taken out and then it is all together when you are ready to pack right before the trip.

another tip for you is that when me and my family take a trip to disney that is when we get new undies and socks. we toss out the really bad ones before we go and then use the new ones while we are away and when we get back we have the new to use until the next year. Just a word of warrning if you are flying TAKE THEM OUT OF THE PACKS so that no one knows they are new. Last year I took them out but my sister did not so her and my two nephews did not have any socks or undies because someone at the airport in Phily stole them with some other things.


I always buy new too before going on vacation… but mine are taken out of the package BECAUSE I WASH THEM BEFORE I WEAR THEM!

I do agree though, you may not need to rewash all your summer clothes. You can fluff them up in the dryer with a dryer sheet. They are not dirty, you just need to refresh them.

Also, did you know if you “roll” your clothes instead of fold them, they wrinkle less and you can fit more in?

I would pack both summer and cooler weather (going in November and that’s what I’ll do) because I’m not wasting time doing laundry when I can be in the parks!

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I make my sister do mine when she is doing her’s. i most of the time head to the parks and they swim one morning or we do it at like 2 am when we should be at work and we are up because of that.

I see you will be getting to disney 5 days after i get there. I am going from nov. 5th to the 11th.