What to Tote Around the Parks


here is a great link What to Tote at WDW


Very interesting. Don’t think I’ve every seen that one on AllEars before. Thanks for posting the link!


Wow! A lot of info. on there. Thanks for the link!


Great link. I don’t carry hardly anything at the parks. Who the heck wants all that stuff to lug around. I only take BARE essentials and that to me is a mini brush, chapstick, money and park passes…maybe a camera…lol


Very helpful… thanks. I’m with Dana… we carry ONLY what we know we will need… but we ALWAYS bring Poncho’s because it never fails to rain on us!


I also only carry the minimum. Did get a fanny pack (my kids said ugh-how embarassing - I said you’re not going with us - just me and DH are going, so you won’t see us!) Gotta have something to hold the ponchos-just in case, maps, sunblock, identification, tickets in.

rule of thumb, always carry the ponchos. If you carry them, you won’t need them, if you leave them in the room it will rain!

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