What to Wear?


We will be arriving on Dec 1st. It will be our first time to see the Christmas lights. Our other trips have always been in April, May, or October and the weather has been perfect for shorts. So far it looks like it may be in the 70’s the first week of Dec. Any suggestions for what variety of clothes to bring?


I always recommend that anyone traveling from October through April bring at least 2-3 cold weather outfits per person as well as shorts because the weather could be in the 80’s one day and the 50’s the next.


Last year the weather at that time varied widely. We were able to wear shorts during the day, but needed sweatshirts and pants at night. We even needed gloves, coats and hats a few nights! Mickaholic4077 is right!


We were there a little later last year (13-21) and we had some bitterly cold days (30s and 40s).

So, be prepared to be flexible


We found this to be true two years ago too! At night is was soo cold, I check what the temps were when we were there and one night it got down to 40! So for our trip (in a few days,yea!), I’m taking all of the above plus a heavier weight jacket. So if you see a ball of fabric waddleing around, it’s probably me trying to stay warm. I’d rather be warm and look stupid, than cold and stylish. And of course when I’m prepared for cold, it will be 85 everyday.


You shuld plan on a mix of clothes. You can most likely wear shorst during the day, but you will need long panys and a jacket at night. We will be there at the same time.


Yep, isn’t that always the way?! I’ll be on the look out for you Jo-Jo! :ninja:


Last night a storm came through here and brought really COOL temperatures with it. Feels like lower 70s, and hopefully it will remain this way.


The weather really varies around here. Bring a little bit of everything to be safe. Here’s an example: yesterday my kids wore shorts to school, and today they have on long pants and jackets. The weather can sure change quickly around here!


We were there 2 years ago that same week, and it was chilly a lot of days! I loved it…it wasn’t that cold, but you definitely needed jeans and a sweater! My little guy needed his jacket. When we went last year, I was hoping for the same kind of weather. We went 12/3-12/11 and it was in the 80’s every single day! It was HOT! Moral of the story…weather varies greatly day to day. Pack both summer clothes and cold weather clothes. :wink:


If it happens to rain, it could be very cold too. To limit packing, I would personally wear jeans day and night, t-shirts by day with lighter jackets or sweaters at night. The layers will keep you warm, but the thinner fabrics will save on packing room. If they are “nice” jeans, you can pair them with nicer shirts for the nicer restaurants.


We are leaving for WDW next Monday, too! Maybe I’ll see some of you there! We are from Michigan where it is in the 20’s lately. Anything above 60 will be fine with me, but the DD’s want to swim…who can tell! I am just checking the 10 day forcast on the internet everyday to try to get a better feel. All I know is that everyone is taking a few items for each season, and mom just may have to do laundry!


We are coming from the UK for 3 weeks, I know that I will have to do laundry, but I don’t really want to bring too much stuff. With the weather changing so much from 1 day to the next it looks like I am not going to have a choice! Jeans and shorts it is then!


Bring layered owfits that coordinate. That way you have something to wear no matter what the temperature is.
For January trips, I pack pants and a T-shirt with a coordinating over layer like a sweatshirt. I also bring a few pair of jean or neutral colored shorts that will match with anything.


I was just there in the middle of Nov and it was 80-85 and sunny every day, I would guess 70’s next week.


Weather.com says the high temp will be as low as 70 on December 1st. The low will be 45 on that day. It also says a 60% chance of rain on the 6th.


Another must at this time of the year is some kind of windbreaker. The wind in the morning is pretty chilly but you’ll be glad to have only something lightweight to carry when it warms up later in the day.


Oh thanks for reminding me ddoll! I am just going over my list, and I need to go find our windbreakers!


The forecast is getting colder for the weekend that we’ll be there! :nonono2:

But, 60’s is better than 30’s! :smile: