What to wear


since it’s been so much colder up here in the northeast compared to down south i was wondering what everyone wears to the airport…

i don’t want to carry a whole change of clothes in my carry-on… we’re flying out of newark at 8am but at 5/5:30 it can be pretty cool out… especially this time of the year. but once we arrive in mco it will be 85-90…

i was thinking skirt or gauchos (i have nice comfy old navy ones), short sleeve shirt and sweatshirt/jacket and sandels and just deal with being cold from our hotel in newark to the airport itself.

what does everyone else do? any suggestions? comments?


We’re still getting into the 80s. I’m also on the opposite end of FL, so the Orlando area is probably slightly warmer.

I’d do the gauchos and tee, and the sweater to wear if you get cold. That way when you get down here, you can remove as necessary.


I cannot even explain to you how hot it is down there in Orlando right now. We got back on Sunday and the heat all week was unbelievable. The humidity was 100%. When we got off of the airplane in NJ we just wanted to feel a cool breeze and it was 80 degres here! :laugh: I would do the gauchos and tee also - wear a jacket if you want - some of the resturaunts in WDW can get chilly if you are there for a while anyway so you may use it again.


I never get on an airplane without a sweatshirt or jacket- I’m always freezing!

I’d probably do the “suck it up at home” as far as the morning weather, but I wouldn’t leave without something to put on… just in case.


So the gauchos, tee and sweatshirt/sweater it is! Thanks All!


Since you will be going soon, you probably don’t need a coat, but I was thinking you could leave your coats in the car so that you have them at home when you return. When we left last Dec. for our trip from Northern Michigan, it was freezing cold and there was a big snow storm. We looked ridiculous on the way to the airport because DD and I were wearing capris and DS had on his zipoff pants and short sleeved shirts with sweatshirts on top. We left the snow boots and coats in the car so that we would have them when we got back for the trip home. Then we wore jeans, a short sleevd shirts, and a sweatshirt back home so we wouldn’t be quite so cold when we arrived home. Just thought I would share that for anyone will be leaving home when it is really cold out.


That’s a great idea!!!


We run into the same problem here, as NH can be very cold in the early a.m. even though Orlando is usually still pretty warm at the end of Oct…I do the layering thing, andit’s usually capris, flip-flops, a tee and a zip up hoodie. My husband wear a long-sleeve tee and knee lenght shorts (he’s always warmer than me anyway)…that way when we get there I can throw the sweatshirt in the car and still be comfortable w/o having to change…especially if you can’t check in to your room right away - who wants to pack an extra change of clothes in your carry-on and run into the airport bathroom to change! Have a great trip!


I travel in October so it’s definately cooler here than it is when I arrive in Orlando. I wear light pants and a t-shirt and carry or wear a lgiht sweatshirt. I don’t like feeling stuffy on the plane, so I never wear a coat on it. You only go from the car to inside the airport, so even when I went in january, I only wore a sweatshirt.


Definetly leave your coat in the car - just in case! I live in Indiana, and our weather is so unpredictable - it’s been lows in 40’s this week! When I was younger, I flew home from California and our car broke down on the highway (pre cell phone days)! I can remember being cold while waiting for someone to stop - it was nightime, and freeezing! Now, I am always prepared, just in case we have to sit in a car for a while (even AAA is slow sometimes!)! Better to be safe and warm, than sorry!

Have fun!!


Yea basically summer wear. Something for when the sun goes down, if you will be out long. But dont forget about what to wear on the way back home! Cant wait to see photos!!!


Does it get cold enough at night in November for a coat in orlando? Do I really need to pack one or will a hooded sweatshirt be ok?


Define “coat”! :c) You up-north people have some major coats! LOL! :c)

It can be pretty cold in the evenings/nights in November…Probably in the mid 50s.

So, if that’s coat weather, I’d bring one just in case!


I am wearing my black and animal print trim sweatsuit to the airport this time. It’s just a tiny bit chilly here…need that sweatshirt. I am going to Fashion Bug today while I am suppose to be working and getting the perfect shirt to wear under it…lol I need sunglasses too…they broke yesterday…figures.:laugh:


Hi mom… I would wear my usual – jeans and sneakers, a short-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt goes into the bottom of the hotel closet when we arrive in Florida, and we don’t touch it again until we head home! We buy WDW sweatshirts when w arrive to wear during the trip in the evenings…


I think that’s a great idea, it’s funny because we always drive down from NJ and we always bundle up but the closer we get the more layers come off, lol!