What to Wear


Hi folks,

We’re from California, this is our first trip to WDW, we’ll be there next week. The forecast says thundershowers and temperatures from 70 - 90. What is comfortable to wear in that weather?

Thank you…Rick Bo


It’s going to be extremely hot - probably higher then 90 - Make sure you have lots of shorts, tank tops, and good walking shoes. I was there in early May, and we didn’t use a jacket once…but I guess you should bring one just incase it gets cool at night. Don’t forget the bathing suits and a rain poncho. It typically rains a little each day (afternoon thunderstorms)…but hopefully it clears up right away for you!!

Hope you have great weather and an AWESOME trip!!


Congrats on your first trip!! So excited for you! Your going to have a fab time!
More than likely it will be High 80’s-90’s plus lots of humidity. So I would pack light clothing. Make sure you apply sunscreen every couple of hours or so. Plan on hitting the parks in the morning and taking an afternoon break. We usually get a shower late afternoon. I don’t even really think you will need to bring anything heavy. It is really really hot here right now. Usually the low is in the 70’s but with the humidity in the air it feels alot warmer than that. Have a great trip.


We take lots of shorts and Ts. If we have a nice dinner planned then we also take something nice but cool to wear. We don’t bother with jackets or long pants, it’s too hot i the summer.


When there’s thunderstorms, I need a second pair of shoes. The rain comes down hard and fast- and makes for very wet socks. I can’t live with that!

A lot of people wear sandals…but for long days, I need my athletic shoes.


Same here. I take lots of shoes for everyone.


Personally, I think any type of crocs work best. They are so great for the parks. You can get them wet and it doesn’t matter. You can wear them all day and all night and your feet feel just as good as they did in the morning. My feet always feel more tired when I wear tennis shoes plus they sweat to death in tennis shoes. My df wore tennis shoes to DL and her feet were so swollen by the end of the day that she had blisters all over. I felt so bad for her. Now she swears by crocs.


A lot of people agree with you… but I just find crocs to be terribly uncomfortable.


I agree with the others as far as clothing goes. BE SURE to remember your sunscreen each day. I also pack it in our bag to re~apply during the day, especially after water rides. The sun burns very fast. To me, it is much more intense than the CA sun. Rain Poncho’s are a must. The rain comes down hard, with no mercy. You can often duck into the shops, but it is better to be prepared.


I agree with you, there’s no way I could get through a day at WDW in Crocs. I guess I’m lucky in that my feet don’t get hot so tennis shoes are good for me.


I like to wear running shorts, as they are a lighter material and drys very quickly. If you don’t get wet by the afternoon thunderstorms, you will on several rides. I’ve always worn tennis shoes to avoid blisters, but I’m thinking I may purchase Crocs and break them in a couple months prior to our trip, cause when your tennis shoes get wet, they are very uncomfortable.


don’t bring anything close to a sweater or long sleeves. You will not need it! I always see those people in “summer sweaters” in catalog pictures at the beach, and I think to myself,“who wears these???”. In the south… you will be pouring with sweat for just standing there, and you will feel like you cannot catch your breath from the heat/humidity… It will be HOT< HOT< HOT! It is very humid, and you will need to drink a lot as well as wear sunscreen.

You will have a great time, and really appreciate their great air conditioners!
Have a great trip!


Uh i live in Florida and bring a hoodie everywhere all year long because I get cold in the air conditioned buildings :ph34r:


Oh, and I’ll add- the humidity is gonna kill you. I’m originally a California girl now transplanted to the East Coast… so I know of what I speak. :ninja:

Seriously, it’s brutal. Light, loose cotton is best… if there’s a “best” in this situation!.. and just take it slow.