What to wear...what to wear?


So we are two weeks away from our next Disney Vacation!!! We went last year in November and I was surprised at the temperature variances from day to night. Do you think that it will be much different in December? We wore t-shirts during the day and had to switch to sweatshirts/light jackets at night…

IS there any need for hats for the children or heavier coats?:eek:


Two weeks? Yippee! For our December trips, we usually wear sweatshirts and knit gloves in the morning, but we have never used a winter coat. I’d check weather.com the day before you leave. Have a great trip!


The temps can vary greatly from day to day and year to year. I would definitely plan on heavy layering for nights… We were there one year in the early 90’s when I wish we had heavier clothing and we are from a little bit north of you and like it cold. we were there three years ago, and the heaviest thing we wore was a light sweatshirt at night.

Watch the weather prior to going. Enjoy no matter what.


We’ve been in December many times and our trip will overlap yours a little bit! :tinytree: Check the weather predictions as you’re getting closer to leaving. One time, we didn’t check it and we experienced a cold spell! Below freezing. They were selling leather jackets for over $300. Yikes! :ohmy: We were so grateful we had a rental car for that trip. We ran to the outlet mall to get a few things. Now that we’ve started using the Magical Express, we always go prepared to layer. Throw in a pair of gloves, long sleeved tees to wear under your favorite Disney tees…things like that just in case. I don’t like to be cold and miserable. :blush: Oh, and if your ears get cold, the Santa Mickey hats are great for keeping your ears warm. :happy:


A lot of things about Florida are wonderful, but the unpredicable weather is not one of them. :blink:

Like others said, check the weather forcast for the days prior to your trip before deciding what to pack. It really could be anywhere between 30-80 degrees during your trip unfortunately.


We always go to wdw the week after Thanksgiving and it’s always been warm (upper 70’s/low 80’s). Looks like this year we’re in for a shock. But what the heck, we’ll be at Disney World.:goofybounce:


DH and I are leaving on monday and are planning on bringing jeans and layering with a tshirt and sweatshirt. We are also bring ing a couple pairs of shorts just in case.


Everyone’s given good advice - I’d just add - take gloves - just the little knit kind you can roll up and put in a backpack. A pair for everyone. It’s amazing how cold your hands can get in a Florida north wind.:pinch: - then again you might be wearing shorts and t’s the whole time…


We’ve been getting some pretty wild temperature swings lately, and I’m guessing it will be this way for the next few weeks too.
It’s been getting down to the mid 40s some nights, but others it’s been around 60.
Daytime we’re talking about 64-76.
There’s been very little rain.
There have been several strong cold fronts coming down almost like clockwork every 5 days or so.

Be ready for anything!


We’ve gone in December. Swimming during the day and in sweatshirts at night. I like the idea of bringing gloves along. Easy to pack and stuff in sweatshirt pockets.


I just got back this morning and the weather varied greatly from day to day!!! Most days, I needed a thin long sleeved shirt with a tee shirt over it. I wore jeans every day, so did the rest of the fam. I also brought a vest, a scarf and gloves that I needed for MOST NIGHTS!


I just returned today also and the nights were COLD!!! I brought light weight fleece jackets and capri jeans and mittens and I was freezing. I could have used my winter coat, long jeans, scarf - many nights. Most days I wore shorts with my fleece and/or long sleeve tshirt. The last 2 days though were warm (high 70’s) were I wore shorts and tshirt. All mornings were cool and all nights were cold!


Wow…thanks for all of the advice. Looks like I need to take a trip to get some scarves and thin gloves for the troop. I hate to be cold…makes me grumpy. Mom’s not happy…no one is happy. lol


I was wondering the same thing. I guess I need to make sure my winter clothes are packed as well.


Been there in Dec in shorts and also been there when we used sweaters and jackets.

Follow the scouts motto…Be Prepaired. :slight_smile:


Hey SW0. Thanks for the thread. We will be there the same time. And right now, 2 of my girls are in your neck of the woods at school.

Small world.


Will be there Dec 12th. Thanks for the thread as I was wondering about what to pack and wishing for something more than a 10 day forecast from weather.com. Would never have thought to bring gloves, but sounds like a good idea. Off to find some thin gloves…Thanks!


We’ll be there Dec. 28 thru Jan. 1. Thanks for sharing the clothing advice.


I’m in South Florida and I TURNED ON MY HEAT, this am!! BRRRRRRRRR!

Hat, gloves and layers . . . North of here (Disney) is even colder . . . last night it was 48 degrees!! :blink:


i keep checking the 15 day forecast…looks like warm days…and cool / cold at night.

Saturday, Dec 13
High: 82 °F RealFeel®: 85 °F
Mostly sunny
Saturday Night, Dec 13
Low: 61 °F RealFeel®: 64 °F
Mainly clear

Sunday, Dec 14
High: 74 °F RealFeel®: 71 °F
Intervals of clouds and sunshine
Sunday Night, Dec 14
Low: 63 °F RealFeel®: 61 °F
Partly cloudy

Monday, Dec 15
High: 78 °F RealFeel®: 75 °F
Mostly sunny
Monday Night, Dec 15
Low: 60 °F RealFeel®: 37 °F
Clear to partly cloudy

Tuesday, Dec 16
High: 61 °F RealFeel®: 60 °F
Tuesday Night, Dec 16
Low: 39 °F RealFeel®: 43 °F
Mainly clear

Wednesday, Dec 17
High: 76 °F RealFeel®: 73 °F
Less humid with clouds and sunshine
Wednesday Night, Dec 17