What was your BEST Disney trip?


I will never forget our trip to WDW in 2005. It was our first time taking the girls to WDW. I will never forget the look on their faces as they experienced it all for the first time. They were completely blown away by it all. It was the first time we did character dining and saw Wishes. That was the most magical trip so far. :happy:

What was your best trip?


I would have to go with this year’s trip! No…wait, it was last year’s…uhh…wait a minute, let me think…

Aww heck, I have to say EVERY SINGLE ONE!! We’ve never, NEVER, had a bad time in Disney!! I find it hard to pick just one!:laugh:


We have loved every trip, but the first time we went just the three of us was the most memorable. Our trips with extended family are fun, but the times we’ve shared as just our little family have been the best thus far. I’m sure the first time we take Nicholas will be my new favorite. :wub:


Gosh… I would have to say ALL of our trips. Each one was special. I have great memories from each that I have scrapbooked for the kids to look at for years to come. Can’t wait until our next trip!


I feel like our upcoming trip will be our most wonderful because we are taking our girls for the first time…I just can’t wait.

It is so hard to pick my best trip. I can narrow it to two trips…my very first as a child (I can still get warm fuzzies when I think about that trip) and my last trip with my DH (our honeymoon). I can vividly remember our honeymoon trip and both of us saying how wonderful it was going to be to come back when we have children. Now that time has come…:crying: I just can’t wait!!!


I couldnt think of just one! Thats hard! Ummmm… Probbaly my next trip even though I havnt been to my next trip yet! HAHAHA! Because my youngest daughter is going for the first time! YePEE!


Oooh… tough question!

The Disneyland trip where my husband proposed to me?

The Disneyland trip where I stood with a dear friend on the New Orleans Square balcony and we just took in the whole park and dreamed our 20-something dreams?

The Disneyland trip I just took where I had the most wonderfully magical day all by myself?

Last December’s WDW trip, my son’s first Disney experience, where we were with my wonderful parents and we all had a terrific time?

… Ah… it will have to by my own very first trip to Disney World, November of 2005. It was just my husband and me, 9 days by ourselves just having an absolutely marvelous time of it. 9 days still wasn’t long enough in general, but it was long enough to really relax and take it in and not feel like we were going to miss anything. Every moment wasn’t perfect, but the overall trip itself WAS perfect. We have labeled it “The Best Trip Ever”. :wub: :wub: :wub:


This is a hard question!!
The first time I ever when (with my parents), the first time I went with DH, and the first time we took our DD are probably all of the “best” ones!


I would have to agree that each trip is special and it’s hard to pick just one. I’ll never forget my first trip: it was my FIRST TRIP!! Then the trip in '91 with my future husband was very special. Then the first trip my son took in 1997. Then my daughter’s first trip in 2003. See what I mean, it’s hard to pick just one.:blush:


My favorite, well there are two. The first is 1987, my honeymoon trip to WDW and the Polynesian! WDW without kids can be very romantic.
The second was last year in 2006, it was the first time that I ever went to WDW with my parents! We had a mini family reunion at the Polynesian consisting of my family, my parents, and two of my sisters and their families. It was just a terrific trip!


Mine would be an impromptu trip Gene and I took in 1999 - no kids! We got the idea, made plans, and took off for a whirlwind WDW trip - all within a week. Here’s the trip report, but it’s pretty boring… March 1999 - Boardwalk Studio Villa


I’d have to go with our last trip.
Staying at the BW was a longtime dream. And being our 5th trip in a row all our expierence came into play, as well as still finding new things to do.


I would have to say our first trip to WDW in Oct.1997 would have had to be the best. It was our honeymoon and we just fell in love with the place. No kids and we could do what we want! It was the best!!


My first and only trip was my best lol. I don’t think anyother could top it. Well, maybe…but we had soooo much fun and I felt like a little id the whole time. It was the most magical and amazing time of my life. I almost cried when I got there and when I left.


Every. Single. One.

How could I possible choose?

Well, I suppose I could say my favorite was when we went with another family… it was really fun to enjoy Disney with friends. Everything seemed to go so perfect (except the last day when all of the kids got sick of eachother :pinch:). Of course, Disney is perfect (heh…).


OK, even though I do not remember it AT ALL I am going to have to say my VERY first trip to WDW in 1983. I was 5 and it must have left a HUGE impression on me for me to keep wanting to go back for the rest of my life and be so addicted! That must have been one AWESOME trip!!!

I did find a picture from that trip, I was hugging a carousel horse and the date on the back said “12/'83.” If only they knew… if only they knew…


I would have to say our trip last year. We took our kids for the first time and it was pure magic!!! My parents, brother and his fiance also went with us!!


Isn’t it so different going to WDW with and without kids. :happy:


Definitely our Thanksgiving trip… I took the kids down and DH joined us the next day. It was so magical to see him walk into the lobby, where we were waiting for him.


The first one. The first one with my parents. The first one with my Kids. And the first one with my Grandkids (hasn’t happened yet). The worst one is always the last. Hopefully, it will never happen.