What went wrong at POR?


OK, I’ve alluded and given fragmented details of our December stay.
I had booked at Pop and really wanted to stay there this time for several reasons, first being I was on crutches and Pop’s building 7 works really well when you’re partly crippled.

At check in, I was informed that I was being upgraded to POR.
I didn’t say anything even though I really didn’t want to change.
When we arrived at POR, I was on one crutch and told the CM at the desk that I needed a room near a bus stop and the parking lot, as well as on the first floor.
Instead, we wound up with a room on the second floor around the back from parking, though it wasn’t terribly far from the bus stop.
This was in the Alligator Bayou section, which is all two floors and not a single elevator to be found.

Then, inside the room, it turned out almost all of the AC outlets were defective and plugs would either not go in all the way or they wouldn’t go in at all, creating a major fire hazard.

Because of time issues as well as my just being whipped from dealing with the stairs, I decided to tough it out for the two nights we were staying and let the front desk know what problems I had.
Let’s be honest, when a CM sees you in front of him on crutches, you don’t put him on the second floor of a walk up and he should have done more to stop that situation before we were assigned a room.

Bottom line, after calmly telling management of our problems while checking out, the manager arranged for a two night stay gratis at POFQ.

The most amazing part of all this is how little I let thiis bother me at the time.
I guess I was feeling really crappy if I let the outlets slide as long as I did.


Wow…I’m sorry you had those issues…I’m sorry it got along that far…

I’ve always been very happy with PORFQ…it’s been years since I stayed at Dixie errr riverside! It’s more spread out and we prefer FQ…

Thanks for the report.


What a weird situation: “We’re going to give you a free upgrade that you’ll hate.”


And all I said was “OK:confused:”


Well, the freebie was nice…

The CM that put you on the second floor needs a refresher course in commonsense.


[QUOTE=llama;1108338]Well, the freebie was nice…

The CM that put you on the second floor needs a refresher course in commonsense.[/QUOTE]

Allegedly he looked for first floor but didn’t find one.
Not sure what was or wasn’t available in the three story buildings and why I wasn’t placed there.

Haven’t cashed in the freebie yet.
Honestly, for that visit, I really would have preferred to stay at Pop.
This upgrade was about as welcome as ice is to Eskimos in the winter I’m sorry to say.
But I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, so I bit my tongue at Pop (which of course cost us about 70 minutes of park time in order to check in at POR).