What were you thinking


Right when you started to go down the summit of Splash Mountain…what were you thinking?


I needed this laugh! Thanks for the HUGE GRIN!


I like to look to the left and slightly up so that I am smiling into the camera when I go down. My DD loves to collect SM pics. She has one for each year.


My answer was the hair problem but I waivered between that and “Oh no Billy’s not here” . I am often totally paranoid and check and re check things because I don’t trust my shifty self. I have been known to double check if everyone is on a ride and where they are supposed to be. :laugh:


We need an “other” to vote for…I am always concentrating on my pose for the camera!


I agree, there needs to be an “other” option. None of these responses matches my thoughts.


lol, I agree with the ‘other’. I’m always thinking something along the lines of, ‘gosh, I hope I don’t look like a dork in this picture.’ We’ve always wanted a SM pic of us, but have never been happy with them. There’s always some idiot holding their hand up, blocking the face of someone in our group or something.
Though we did get one from the Jurassic Park ride at IOA. My little brother was totally caught off guard on that one. Classic.


lol!!! wow… too funny… laughing too hard to breathe…

I’m going with “I left the oven on”… just because. :laugh:


Hey! I can see my house from heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!


I do that to, it’s called obsessive compusive disorder! :blink:


It’s so “girly” to admit it - but it’s the hair. :blush:


I am going to die! It is the only part of the ride that my eyes are tightly shut and don’t open until we are at the bottom! This goes on for about the first 4 or 5 times that we ride during our trip and then I get really brave and open my eyes half way down :biggrin:


My brother goes as many times on this ride as it takes him to get a great picture, everytime he goes to MK. :wacko:


OH no, I didn’t want to be diagnosed with that one :eek: :laugh:


I tried gang to make it funny…hehehe…I know, I always forgot an option or two when making these posts! sorry


I’m actually more concerned about my eyeliner making me look like Brer Raccoon.


i just think that is that slpash mountian because i don’t seem to get wet


I must admit that I am worried about getting wet. I sit in the back and hind behind DH because I don’t like getting wet with the dirty looking water, but I love Splash Mountain so I ride it several times on each trip.


Thought about my hair…and ducked down behind the seat in front of me…lol


:laugh: lol!!! :laugh: