What Will I See?


Just curious when I go in January the 7-10 what will I see in the parks just general, “What will you celebrate posters?” or something else. I MUST KNOW.


I’m guessing that the Celebration theme is continuing. They’re probably implementing the Muppets more, considering their role in the commercials, but I don’t think the parades or decor will have changed, just yet… though Christmas will be coming down, so you might be among the first to see the new decor.


It’s still going to be the same as this year. Same parade because in 2011 when we open the 40th Anniversary Celebration we will be getting an UNBELIEVABLE NEW PARADE AND SHOWS. MiSiCi will still be going strong as it’s currently #1 show on property for guests reviews. But keep on celebrating!



I’m having a brain freeze - what is MiSiCi?



I’m having a brain freeze - what is MiSiCi?[/QUOTE]

MiSiCi= Move It Shake It Celebrate It Street Party at the Castle Hub at MK. I just found out it’s going to have a huge number in the filming for the Christmas Parade this year!


Thanks Rowdy


Hey Rowdy, speaking of the Christmas Parade what day are they filming it? I think we will be there and I was wondering if it is worth going to the MK to see the filming.