What will the crowd level be like Dec 15-17 at the parks?


My brother is 42 and this will be his very first trip to DW! We have reservations for Dec 15-17th. I want to take him to the “major” attractions in a short amount of time. I was also thinking of attending the MVMCP w/my 3 year old. What are the crowd levels like, should we skip the MVMCP and head to EP on Friday and then do MK on Saturday? :confused:


I think the crowds will be a little high, but it’s not going to be extremely crowded like it would be after Christmas. :mickey: And you should DEFINITELY not skip MVMCP! I went 2 years ago and it was SO much fun. :wub:


WElcome to mousebuzz. The time of year you are going is still vlaue season and the crowds are more manageable than summer and holiday times. I definately suggest you going to MVMCP. It look so fun and if it’s anything like the MNSSHP, you’ll love it! As for hitting those headliners in the least amount of time, that is easy. Get to the park of the day 30minutes before opening. Hit all the headliners first and you will have them all under your belt a little after lunch time.


Thank you very much for the suggestions:)


It should still be relatively slow at that time. Crowds will be picking up from the beginning of the month, but you shouldn’t run into too much difficulty with the major rides (be sure to use fastpass if it’s available).

Here is touringplans.com’s crowd predictions for those days:
Fri, 15 Dec '06 4 out of 10
Sat, 16 Dec '06 5 out of 10
Sun, 17 Dec '06 6 out of 10

MVMCP is always fun–it would be a great intro to the MK for your brother. Touringplans.com is predicting the MK and Epcot as the best parks to visit on that particular Saturday, so I think you’re good to go whatever you choose.


I never been to the MCVP before. Are you confined to one area of the park, or can you still visit other areas and attractions?


Correction, MVMCP


The entire park is open. They have a sepcial parade and fireworks just for that party and there is all kinds of entertainment through out the park.


Ohh, okay, my son is scared of the fireworks. Maybe we can visit some of the more popular rides during the fireworks.


Welcome to MouseBuzz!

I think you will notice the crowds building as you get closer to Christmas. Do as much as you can early in your trip so you can pass on some of the more popular attractions if you see long queues late in your stay.


Yes, that would be a good idea if he doesn’t care for them. I would plan on doing phillarmagic or an inside show however. The mk’s fireworks can been heard from all over the park…they are quite loud.


Thank you everyone. I love the site, it is so helpful.


You are quite welcome. Ask any WDW questions you need to. Someone on here has the answer or can find it in a snap. Have you planned your Advanced Dining reservations yet? You should probally do that around now especially if you want to do the character meals or more popular sit down restauarants.


Fortunately, we live two hours north of DW and have been many times, but not in December. Our last visit was in June 2006 (6nt/7dy) on the dining plan. We had dinner at LT for the first time and loved it. I have confirmed reservations on Fri, Dec 15th @ 6:30pm. Also, we are staying @ POR for the first time, I tried POFQ but could not get the FL Resident rate there.


I agree with Dana–the fireworks can be heard throughout most of the park so you’ll want to stick with inside attractions during that time. Philharmagic is good, but if the fireworks are still going on when you get out they’re VERY loud from the Philaharmagic exit gift shop. Talk to a cast member and time your show accordingly.

You could also go visit Mickey in the Judge’s Tent at toon town during that time. Everyone else will be watching the fireworks, so your son could probably have a lot of uninterrupted time with Mickey!


We’ll be seeking your advice on WDW conundrums, I’m sure!! I went to WDW in December for the first time last year and LOVED it! Perfect weather (as you know), low crowds, and all the holiday decor was beautiful.

I love LT! I always have reservations there before MK parties–so much fun! I can’t wait to go before the MNSSHP–all of the characters have their “costumes” on!