What would it be?


I am sitting here at my desk after eatling lunch and was thinking of things Disney and thought about something, what is one thing you can’t buy anywhere on WDW property that is for sale at every grocery store, drug store or convenience store that you would visit anywhere else and it isn’t illegal or against any law.


A Pepsi?

Let me chew on that for a minute…


A piece of GUM

I figured that out the year I quit smoking ! ! !


Blue Bell ice cream
Abita Beer


[QUOTE=GrumpyDad;1111820]A piece of GUM

I figured that out the year I quit smoking ! ! ![/QUOTE]

Correct, can’t buy it anywhere on property. It goes all the way back to Walt himself and his dislike of seeing chewing gum at the amusement parks he visited while planning Disneyland.


Yep…gum…I’m surprised that they have held onto this rule though…so many of Walts original ideas and rules have gone by the wayside now…


Yes mine was gum too!


I misunderstood the question. My bad. I thought you were wanting to know what everyone wanted that they could get elsewhere but not there. I didn’t read it very well. :blush:
Gum is on my top 10 list of things I tell newbies that ask me for advice on a trip to WDW.


That would make sense. If they sold gum it would be everywhere! I can only imagine riding Space Mountain and under the restraining bar being covered with old gum. :blow:


[QUOTE=bribren;1111819]A Pepsi?


LOL … We love pepsi products … We always cry that they don’t have it !!!


Nothing…there is nothing that I personally need to have that isn’t sold on property. I hate Pepsi…lol Disney brain-washed me into only drinking Coke :slight_smile:


:eek::eek::eek: :whistling


…didn’t I read they are switching to Pepsi? Or did I dream that?


LOL! I was thinking a condom. I must have a dirty mind.




I actually knew this one. I always tell friends who are first timers to bring gum if they want to have it.


They sell them!! (At least in the FW Store) :laugh:


““Mt Dew””