What would you Choose?


Quick question:

Which would you choose Hollywood & Vine or 50’s Primetime Cafe?

We have ADR for Hollywood & Vine, but my friend would rather do 50’s?



We’ve been to both and we like 50’s PrimeTime better. However, we did enjoy our one dinner and Hollywood and Vine a lot, we’ve just never been back.


For dinner, my choice would be Hollywood and Vine.
We did eat there several years ago and liked it, and I keep passing on 50’s Prime Time mostly because of the menu.
However, in my book, neither one is a stellar choice.


Never been to 50s Prime Time, but we always have a good dinner at H&V!


If you want a fun atmosphere, Then it’s 50’s PrimeTime . They do have a good grilled chicken sandwich. Yet to do H & V , can’t comment on that.


We actually did 50’s Primetime last September for the first time in a long time. I was actually surprised at how good it was and could not remember why we stopped going. On the same trip we also did H & V and I can honestly say I think we are done with that place for awhile. It seems to be getting worse and worse with every trip there over the past few years.


Well I have never had dinner at H&V, but I have been to Prime Time, and it is a pretty neat atmosphere. The smores dessert always swings my vote. :))


50’s Primetime.


We’ve done H&V twicw now and all I can say is----yuck!! We did 50’s PT for the first time 2 weeks ago and it was good-fun atmosphere!!


we did the 50’s PT Theatre, it was really good. Never did H&V though…


Never been to either but we decided to go for 50’s over H&V which were also the two we were choosing between, the atmosphere just seems like so much fun at 50’s I couldn’t pass it up. Even if the food turns out to be only okay, at least we can say we had a good time, right?


We did 50’s last year and everyone loved it! The server’s were great, the food was pretty good but the Sundae…Ohhhhh man that was delish!!!

We’re doing the H&V this trip for breakfast (gotta do the Einstiens!) so I only hope the experience is as good :slight_smile:


If you have wiggly kids, then do the buffet. Older folks would like 50PT. Its more of a choice between all you can eat and sit down meal.


Thank-you everyone, I am going to call and make the change or try too.


50s without a doubt! Fun atmosphere, and the lounge next door is ADORABLE! H & V is just another buffet…nothing special.


Last year we went to H & V and it was pretty good, never been to 50’s PT.

However my neighbors went to 50’s PT and they liked the food, but not so much the atmosphere. One of them didn’t eat something on their plate and the waitress said something about that and he was pretty embarrassed.

They said if you like that kinda of entertainment it’s good. But after that comment he said he wouldn’t go back. He’s not the overly fun type.


If you want to be interactive, do the 50’s. It is much more fun if you want to play along.

If you want to just relax and eat, H&V would be a better choice.


My vote is for 50’s Primetime…the atmosphere is super fun…Hollywood & Vine is just a typical buffet.

Here is how I would decide:

If you are just going to simply eat try Hollywood & Vine…if you want to laugh and have a good time while you eat choose 50’s Primetime.