What would you do? Need advice!


My situation: As you can see in my signature, it has been a year since going to WDW. And we were going on a regular basis before our last trip in 2005. Needless to say, I am really missing WDW!! And I might add, my DD is missing it too.
With that in mind, we have been planning to go with another family to WDW the week of Thanksgiving to see MVMCP in 2007. (We have gone to WDW with this family 3 times already and have a great time!)
So, my dilemma…the other family going in 07 is a big maybe. There are things that could come up that would not allow us to travel together at Thanksgiving 07. Going with them would be ALOT more fun (we are both a family of 3 and would have another person to pair up with) but if I wait and plan to go at that time and they cannot join us, I waited a long time for nothing. I could probably pull off going at Thanksgiving this year instead of taking the chance that they can go in 07. (Hope this makes sense!)
What would you do?


We also are traveling with another family this year, that also traveled with us a few years ago also, and skipped last trip.

I would go ahead and plan my own trip for 06 if I was in your situation.


I think I’d plan the 2006 with my family and then finagle a way to go again with the other family in 2007. You have so much time to plan and save, so why not do both!!! If you do it right, you could buy AP’s and do an early December trip in 2006 (or late November depending on how Thanksgiving falls date-wise this year) AND use the AP’s for your trip next year…1/2 your expense for 2007 will be taken care of!!!


Sounds like a great plan!!! :smile: I would LOVE to pull something like that off. Would be hard to convince DH though. Reality is…DD and I are the Disney lovers, DH only goes because Dd and I want to. That is a reason why I like going with the family we travel with. My friend loves Disney and that makes it even more fun!


You took the words right out of my mouth. Plenty of time to save and do both trips. :cool:


I would try to pull off an '06 trip and an '07 trip if you can. It would really stink to wait an extra year and have the family back out.


But the 2006 trip would be a family trip that he would take to appease you because he loves you so much. :wub: :wub: And the 2007 trip would be to share a holiday vacation/experience with your friends!! :biggrin: Also, it’d be great if you could somehow make him think this was all HIS idea and allow him to be the “hero”…that way everyone is happy!! :laugh:
Always works in our household!! :angel:


We NEED to talk!!! :laugh: I have been told many times that would be a great way to deal with my DH!! Just no experience in that department! :wink:


You have to start with the small things first…then build up from there. 1st you’ll have to watch some of the Disney shows on the Travel Channel, Food channel, etc…let him know about all the special things that Disney does for the holidays…the decorations, the candy carousels, the lifesize gingerbread houses, the carolers, the special fireworks, parades, shows and parties. Of course little by little. Let him think on a few at a time…then add to it. hehe Then when he agrees that it’s a good idea, start in on tickets after you “comparison” shop…an AP is not much more than a 7 dayer or 8 dayer, right? (honestly I haven’t checked, but it sounds good,right?) You won’t have to worry about whether you can park hop or which park to go which days (depending on EMH’s). You can take advantage of AP discounts for rooms too…hmmmm…see this can work for you. How old is your child? If she/he is 9 or so…if you buy the AP now, he/she can still use it next year when they move to the adult status…saving you $$ of course!! See it’s a win-win solution. Just don’t slam him all at once with the info or he’ll go into overload…and backfire on you. Maybe he’ll even come up with "well if the JOnes’ want to go next November, we won’t have to repurchase tickets again…and book your 2007 trip with AP’s too. Oh, you get discounts at some stores with AP’s too I think…Good luck!! :angel: The secret is being non-chalant (sp?) hehehe


Great ideas!!! I will approach it that way. And my DD is 9!! Would make sense to get her an AP now so she could use it when she turns 10! You have me thinking!! :biggrin: Thank you!


See! It’s already working in your favor! :wink: Let me know if you need any more training…er…tips. :whistling
Gosh, I hope all the other DH’s aren’t reading this…especially mine! :noo:


MagicalMoments, I would certainly try to plan for both trips! What A Goofey Family says makes perfect sense! I hope it works for you! Oh…and you gotta’ work on converting your DH into a Disney Fanatic! :biggrin:


Great training…er…tips! We just got our first AP and we are going to try to get three trips out of it! A great way to make more than one trip and save money too! Good Luck! :mickey:


Thanksgiving this year is November 23rd,so if you want to buy AP’s to last into Thanksgiving next year,I would go in early December this year instead.


Thanks Mickaholic! If you go the week after Thanksgiving, then you can really enjoy a less crowded vacation and take it all in so you can show your friends at least the high points next year.

We bought AP’s last summer & were able to take 3 trips…it was great…
Hey, MagicalMoments…if you play your cards right, maybe you can work a summer trip in there too!! :cool: