What would you do? (planning)


This is our first trip with our 5yr old son. This was my original plan for these two days until I saw the extra magic hours.

Thurs. 2/12
spend day at epcot
go to resort to rest if needed
eat at 5p in epcot
(MK EMH 8am)

Fri. 2/13
go to MK
eat at garden grill 7:25pm
stay for illuminations
(epcot EMH 8-11pm)

I was wondering If I should switch the two days to get more time at MK on the 2/12 by getting there at 8a? Then spend the day at epcot on 2/13. If I keep it the same will there be less of a crowd at epcot on 2/12 because the EMH are for MK that day? We do have park hopper and do plan on going to MK night EMH 2/13. Any help is appreciated as the more I plan and think the more I confuse myself!


if you think that you can handle that extra time (and since you mentioned taking a break, i think it’d be fine) - i’d switch it!


I always have good luck doing a.m. EMH at Magic Kingdom… I would be there for that- get a lot done and then take a break at the resort after lunch.


I’m taking my 5 1/2 yo son on 2/1 and I’m planning on doing the EMH. I am not planning on taking a break in the middle of the day, but will if we need to. My DS is very energetic and like the energizer bunny just keeps going. We took him when he was 2 and he didn’t stop all day, taking a break in the middle of the day would have been horrible for all of us because he wouldn’t have napped and we would have tried to make him nap. You know your child and what he can handle. For us, going all day and falling into bed exhausted works better than trying to take a break.


Our usual plan is to take advantage of the EMH park in the morning, then park-hop to another for the afternoon.

One caution: You are staying on-site, right? The extra hours are only available to resort guests.


Well since you have planned for a time out at the resort you should probably just switch the days. Like JonKimV said, you will probably get better luck at MK in the morning and you can do everything there and then the next day do everything at Epcot. If you finish everything at MK early hop on a bus to Epcot No biggie with the hopper!! Have a great time and take pics!!!


Definitely do EMH at the MK. You’ll be able to complete all of FantasyLand before regular opening hours - then you can leave the area and do the rest. Fantasy Land fills up FAST!


I agree EMH am at MK is not too be missed. We can usually knock out Fantasyland by the time the park opens to the other guests.


Thanks everyone! Plans changed, so I will go to MK first day and catch the EMH then stay there to see what else we can accomplish and take brake at resort if needed. We have to go to Epcot for dinner. Then on the next day do what we can at Epcot, our dinner reservation is at 7:25 so we should be done in time to see illuminations. We are staying for 7 nights at ASM so we have more days to see both parks, I was thinking that on the second day Epcot will have EMH so they would be more crowded, but thats o.k. we have another day planned there. Or, heck I might throw this planning out the window and do what we see when we get there (just kidding)! Yes my son can hang with the grown ups when it comes to sleep although a long bus ride might get the best of him. I may just plan a rest for when we do night EMH.


I think the EMH are great and then have a break at resort lunchtime ready to hit another park in the afternoon recharged.


you see I don’t have kids! but I have been to disney where I have gone to epcot and it opens regular time but closes EMH at 2am and I have been there since open to close not left just riding and riding and riding and riding and riding and I think you get what I am saying.

I think you should switch it.