What would you do?


I was wondering if anyone had thoughts of what they would change, add or take away when they visit WDW so here is a scenario for you.

Robert Iger has just promoted you to Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts!! He just gave you a directive to make the parks better and more profitable. What would you change, add, take away or do period?? :noo:


It would be nice if there was a monorail that went to all four parks.


Oh my. I would do a ZILLION things…

but one of my first “to dos” on the agenda would be to replace the Indi Stunt Show in MGM with the Indi ride form Disneyland.


Yes Yes Yes!! I agree 100%, seems like they would have done that a long time ago! Only makes sense.


But this wouldn’t help in the “profitable” department. Disney has considered this and decided the cost was way too high.

That said, I’d still love to see it.


Hmmmmmm, good point too!


I wonder if they specifically want to have some rides and attractions unique to each park?

I would find sponsors to help upgrade Future World at Epcot so that the parts which are closed half the time would not only be open, they’d attract more people.

I would encourage the development of more Lucky-type mobile audioanimatronics.

I would restore Pleasure Island to its prior glory – though if Disney has been closing bits of it, it may be because people simply weren’t as interested in those bits – that last time we were at the Jazz Company, we were practically the only ones there.


I think that I would add more countries to Epcot’s world Pavillion.Maybe Australia or somewhere tropical.


I think I’d add something Slavic to Epcot’s World Showcase.


I know the reason they close AK early is for the animals sake but I would love for it to be open at night and have some kind of night-time closer. I know it can;t be fireworks - the animals would FREAK!..but something…I think it would be cool to walk around there at night with lanterns lighting the pathways…Also a really good resturant there would be in order - maybe one where you could look out over the Serengetti"(sp)


I agree with adding more countries to the world showcase. Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific really need to be represented. If Hawai’i was a country that would be a great one with Polynesian dancers around and Ukulele players…

As for profit, even though we sneaky DCers would hate it, I would try to get more people to the parks during the off season, advertising “less crowds” and more events to try to get people there when it’s slow.

P.S. good topic Day Dreamer! Thanks for joining DC, you’re a great member :mickey:


Thanks Tessa!!

I think I would add a new big thrill ride for MK and Epcot to draw some people out of IOA.

I would also increase seasonal discount promotions on select Disney resorts. I’m sure the resorts do well but a lot of families cannot afford the moderate and deluxe resorts and the accomodation competition is stiff in the surrounding area.

This might be considered small but I would renovate the restrooms in MK, I don’t think they’ve changed since I was a kid!


I know that they are opening a Monsters Inc. ride at Disneyland but I have always thought they should put a Monsters ride at MGM. I would add to World Showcase. I think a really nice place to eat at Animal Kingdom would be great and I do believe that they could do something at night at AK. Maybe a laser light show, lights through out the park to light the way and I am sure that there are some nocturnal animals that they could add here and there. :mickey:


That is a great idea!!! :c) I love it!


Um…NO! WDW may NOT have the Indi ride! :wink: J/K…sorta :glare: We here in CA sorta like it that we have something that WDW doesn’t :happy:


OT: AK is open until 8 pm this week (so 11 for EMH) so it is possible to do AK at night!


Grouse grumble, I am from CA originally and as much as I love WDW, DL has a much cooler FL and ToonTown than we do…I soooo want them to add some of the attractions that DL has…(Xmas IASW, Holiday Mansion, Alice in Wonderland, Casey Jr Circus Train, Storybook Canal, Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, Chip and Dale’s Treehouse, Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin, etc…)


Yeah…I don’t think there is any reason they can’t have AK open later if they want. I’ve always heard that the crowd levels there have just never justified keeping it open later.

I watched Modern Marvels on the History Channel last night…the monorail costs $1 million per mile (and that is in 1970s dollars!!)

I’d add stuff to Future World…and keep it open later like the WS. I’d also ensure the AP holders continue to get ample discounts!!


My first objective would be to relocate WDW to the Portland, Oregon area… :dry:

Okay, so that is a stretch… :sad:

I have not yet made it to WDW, so I will keep my wishes and dreams under my hat until I can offer truly informed input… But this is very cool! :wink: :tongue: :cool: