What would you do?


My DH and I are thinking about surprising our DS with a trip to WDW for his 8th birthday. The problem is, we can’t really set the dates until March when the official last day of school is set since snow days add or subtract days from the end of the year. We will have enough time for a nice 7-10 day trip if we don’t use any snow days, if we use all 5 snow days we won’t have enough time for a trip before my DH has to start his summer courses the first week of June.

Here’s the question–Would YOU book the resort and ADRs for a trip that is so up in the air? I’d say we have a 50/50 chance of pulling this off. I want to call and book our room and make some dinning plans but it would be so sad to call and cancel all of it. Right now it isn’t real so if it doesn’t happen I wouldn’t be too sad.

Would you book a trip that might not happen?


We booked our trip the day after the “supposed” last day of school. If there are any snow days to make up, my kids won’t be there! So many people take their kids out of school for a week in the middle of the year, I figured if they go a few days beyond their “last day” they won’t really miss much. The last 3 days are always half days spent watching movies or cleaning the classrooms. Now, when older DS gets into 8th grade and high school we won’t be able to do that due to final exams and graduations. Since your son is only 8 years old, I say book the trip and don’t worry about a few days at the end of the year. As long as he’s had good attendance and grade throughout the year I wouldn’t think that should be a problem.


I forgot to add that my DH and I are both teachers so missing a day or two at the end of the year isn’t an option. We are not allowed to use personal days the first or last week of school or before or after a long weekend/vacation.

Last year our last day of school was set in March after winter was over but we got a bad spring storm in the middle of May and had to use a ‘snow day’ in May and add a day to the end of the year. A HS teacher had flights booked on what should have been our first day of vacation and had to take a docked day in order to keep her flights.


You don’t HAVE to do a birthday trip exactly on his birthday. DD’s birthday is Feb. 28th but we don’t want to go then because it is peak season. So that is why we are going Feb. 4-12 instead. We are going to celebrate her birthday everyday we’re there. Would that be something you could do? Go a little later?


OK, I fought the SAME battle with our DL trip in June.

My suggestion would be to go ahead and book for whatever you feel like you WANT to do for the trip. This way you have good reservations while they are available and for what you WANT. THEN, since disney has a pretty generous “change/cancellation” policy you can change your plans early spring IF NEED BE. If not, then heck, you have the trip you wanted anyway. I think as long as you change or cancel within 30 days of arrival there are no penalties.

I only alloted for us to have 4 snow days before I leave for DL. I really don’t have an option b/c my Dad HAS to be back in NJ by July 3rd. If we have more than 4 snow days I have no clue what I am going to do but I am sure it will work out one way or another. Apparantly, I am pretty rebelious for a non-tenured teacher. haha.

good luck, I would serisouly just make it for what you WANT then change if need be accourdingly.


I’d go ahead and book it. You’ll be sorry you didn’t if the trip is possible and you’re scrambling for good deals and your chosen resort. Can you book for a few days past the “supposed” last day of school, just in case?


I have a week long trip planned (but not booked) that allows for 3 snow days, that will give us a full week in the parks.

Some friends offered us their DVC points at $6.00 a point, that’s almost too good to pass up. There is a chance they may be able to join us but they won’t know for a month or so. If we use their points I am looking at BCV again this summer, if we decide to pay cash we want to stay at WL. I don’t want to book yet if we use the points because I don’t think they can be banked if we have to cancel. I hate hard decisions!!


Decisions, Decisions!

Steph, you cannot go wrong with $6 per point!!! That’s a steal! If I were you, I would go ahead and make the reservations. Then in March, you can finalize your plans or cancel, if need be. This way you have your resort set and some ADRs planned. If you wait until March, what if your resorts and/or ADRs are not available??


We’re going through the same thing right now trying to plan a trip for early June. I’m a teacher, too, and even though we haven’t used a snow day in a few years, I just have a feeling that as soon as I book it we’ll need one! I think I’ve got it worked out so that we’ll leave right after the last possible day. That way if we don’t use the snow days I’ll just have more time to pack! We aren’t on such a time crunch to get back like you are, though. Good luck, I hope it works out for you!


Whew! Tough situation DT.

I would book away and hope for the best. Hopefully by March you’ll know whats going on for the end of the year and can make an changes.
Good Luck!!


I would book the room and place a deposit to hold it. Then make some ADR’s. It can’t hurt you right? Worse case scenerio, you have to cancel or adjust the amount of days you are going to go with the scheduled last day of school. Book it stephanie.


Book It DT!! Could be a mild winter!


I say Book 'em Danno!!!


LOL–good one.

I think I will call and book a room at WL so we have our favorite resort waiting for us. Then, if we decided to rent the points we can see what’s out there for us and decide what to do. If we don’t use the points this year we can go with our friends next year and get a two bedroom with the current and banked points. I can also set all of our ARDs once I book the room.

Now I’m getting excited and I don’t want to be let down if we end up not having enough time. I guess if we can’t go in May we can move the trip to late July once my DH is finished with his summer classes.


Me too, Steph, I say book now.


As of now we’ve had no snow days in Chicago. We booked our trip for the weekend immediately following my wifes last day teaching. I believe she is out the 8th and vacation starts on the 10th officially.

She is faced with the same problems and we’ve had a mild winter here. I thought Disney Teacher was somewhere here in the Midwest and based on that I say your odds are better than 50/50.


I’m in Illinois, just down state from you.


I say book it allowing for a few extra snow days. Then we all will hope you have a mild winter.


I’ve thought about that but the soonest that we could go again is the last week if July. likethe 28th. We went on my summer birthday a couple of years ago and he has been asking to go on his birthday since then. Going on his birthday seems to be pretty important to him right now.


I would and actually … I feel like every time I book a trip it might not happen … I never feel like it is going to happen until I actually get there. Life happens and anything can cause a well planned trip to be canceled.