What would you do?


We are leaving soon for WDW. When we decided to go a lot of the dining we wanted was unavailable. I really wanted to go to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast on my birthday but we could not get in at all that day. I took a reservation for Ohana’s so I can see Mickey but it wasn’t what I wanted. I have called to check to see if anyone has cancelled - no luck.

I was at the Disney store the other day and have gotten to know the manager there. We were telling her and she suggested that we call that morning to see of anyone cancelled or better yet just get up and go to Chef Mickey’s as they hold a certain number of seats back. She said they should work us in.

I dont want to give up my Ohana reservation and take a chance of not having breakfast anywhere but I also really want to go to Chef Mickey’s. Has anyone ever tried just showing up and gotten in?


I would try calling the day before and the morinng of, but woudln’t cancel my O’hanna and take my chances.


As soon as you check in try the guest services at the resort, tell them it’s for your birthday, maybe they can work some “Disney magic”. I, like Dana, wouldn’t cancel Ohana though, you know you at least will have that.


Yes, And it was at CRT for breakfast too! I agree with Dana and Tink, try to get in but keep Ohana’s


Pal, what time is your ADR at Ohana? Can you maybe try to get to CM’s when it opens, and if that doesn’t work out catch the monorail over to the Polynesian?


That’s exactly what I would do. Try Chef Mickey’s first and head over to 'Ohana if you can’t get in. I can’t believe they are going to be full when they open. If you really want to get in take a cab over right at 7 or 7:30 when they first open. We have a 7:30 PS on Nathan’s birthday but I think I was offered 7 and 7:15 that same day so they must open at 7.


I would show up at Chef Mickeys exactly at opening time. And if you can’t get in then, just take the monorail over to your breakfast at 'Ohana. If you do get into Chef Mickeys, just make a quick phone call to WDW-DINE to cancel your ADR at 'Ohana.


Since it will be your birthday, and Disney loves supplying the magic, I’ll bet they can squeeze you in at Chef Mickey’s! (You’ll probably get an “It’s My Birthday” button too!) :happy:


Thanks everyone! I am hoping for a little Disney Magic. We may follow everyone’s advice and go to Chef Mickeys and if we cant get in we can take the monorail over to Ohana’s! Thanks for all the great advice! :mickey:


Funny how it seems the reservations are going quick this year. I got the same advice on my thread, just keep calling and see if anything opens. Good luck to you, since it’s your b-day something just may come up!
But I was wondering the same thing, since they told me that CM and Ohanas are booked when I am going. SO if someone just walked up and wanted a seat would they really just turn them away?? Sometimes I don’t understand these ADR’s or PS or whatever.


I’m not the one to ask. We like Ohana’s.


Good question! I may know the answer soon as I may try it myself. I am hoping that when we get to the resort maybe they can use some pixie dust and make some magic happen but if not I may just show up and see what happens.

We have ate there once for breakfast and we did enjoy it. But the day we arrive we are having a late dinner at Ohana’s and we are really looking forward to trying the dinner. But since we are having dinner there I really wanted to go to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast :mickey: .


Understood, good pland and good luck! Do they serve that Hawaiian bread at dinner?


I sure hope so! :mickey:


Good luck with your B-day breakfast. Sounds like you have a good plan.


Thanks JK! I am hoping it works! :mickey:


Just wondering how it went PM, since I walked up to the hostess at Ohanas the other day and she told me they are hardly busy before 9am and we were seated in 5 min.
I’ve also been finding if you come at odd times, you’re more likely to get seated even without an ADR.